Busby: 6 weeks on

I can hardly believe that Busby is six weeks old today! Where has the time gone? Before I know it I’ll be back at work *sob* but let’s not dwell on that, I’m “off” until September. 

We’ve hit some milestones in the past week; she’s smiled a non-windy smile (and many have followed: what a gorgeous smile!) and she’s tracked an object with her eyes. She’s also now cooing, which is the most lovely sound in the world. I try and have a conversation with her… well, I ask questions like “what do you think of the state of the economy at the moment, Busby?” and she replies “ooh ah goo”, but it’s a start. Sometimes, if she’s upset or constipated, her cooing sounds like a baby dinosaur. We shouldn’t laugh, but it is quite an amusing sound. 

We had our six week check up at the Doctors yesterday; unfortunately the Doctor didn’t weigh her or measure her, but we’ll find out how much weight she’s put on on Monday when the Health Visitor comes over. With the amount she’s been guzzling I’m expecting her to be at least 8lb; she was originally 6lb 14oz at birth. I have been measuring her with my sewing box tape measure, and she’s grown a cm a week since she was born, so she’s now up to 52cm. 

Immunisations are the next challenge in two weeks. I’ve been hesitant about taking her into work for cuddles as I work in a germ and disease-riddled hospital, but I’m hoping that after her first batch of immunisations I might feel a bit happier about her entering the building! 


  1. 3rd February 2013 / 9:22 pm

    Oh she’s so gorgeous any tiny! Joshua still makes sounds like a baby bird, it’s prett funny too! Xxx

    • 5th February 2013 / 11:41 am

      Thank you so much 🙂 Cooing is so cute! xx

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