Busby: Two months on

Looking at my daughter (eek! Daughter! I still haven’t got used to saying that) I can hardly believe she’s the same scrunched up ball of baby she was two months ago. She’s so wonderfully alert and communicative; smiling, giggling and gooing away! 

She’s starting to discover what her hands are and sucks one for comfort. Over the past month she’s become enthralled watching us eat in front of her, occasionally mimicking our hand movements from plate to mouth. She watches my lips with such intent when I kiss her or talk, and has been known to reach out and touch them with her hand. 

She’s very strong and can now fully lift and hold her head up for periods of time. She frequently tries to launch herself off us, so we have to be very careful when holding her just in case she decides to make her bid for freedom! When she starts crawling, and eventually walking, we’re going to have to keep a very close eye on her as she’s going to be fast!!

Last week she discovered herself in the mirror. She didn’t like it at first, hiding from the strange baby who stared back at her, but she’s starting to realise it’s not something to be scared of – especially when she can see her Mummy and Daddy standing there with her. 

We’ve had our fair share of problems over the past month; namely the Hernia Saga. We’re still waiting for an appointment with the paediatrician to see what can be done about it. It causes no end of worry in our household and much discomfort for poor Busby. Hopefully this will be sorted soon. 

I love watching her grow and change day by day. I’m looking forward to starting swimming classes with her in the coming months, and hopefully join some baby classes!


  1. 20th February 2013 / 9:32 pm

    She is very cute! Logan is two months now they must have been born around the same time, his birthday is 21/12/2012. xoxo

    • 20th February 2013 / 9:39 pm

      Thanks Gemma 🙂 Bea was born 20/12/2012 so she’s a day older than Logan! xxx

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