What’s in your changing bag? // Alice from Alice’s Studio

Welcome to this week’s edition of “What’s in your changing bag?”; my weekly Tuesday feature where I ask one Yummy Mummy (or Daddy) to share the innermost secrets of their changing bag, and the five items they couldn’t possibly live without! 

This week I’m joined by the fabulous, fellow Sussex Mutti, Alice from Alice’s Studio

So Alice, tell us a little bit about yourself:
Hello, I’m Alice. I live in beautiful East Sussex, close to Brighton, with my partner Alistair, and our son Ivar (who is 3 going on 10!). Baby number 2 is due sometime at the end of April, so my changing bag will be ever-growing!

Congratulations on Bump!
What is your favourite thing about being a Mutti? 

Everything, seriously, everything, I couldn’t possibly pick out a favourite.

What three words would you use to describe Motherhood?

Heartbreaking, fun and curious

How do you preserve/maintain your sense of self? 
My sense of self is evolving all the time; I’m not the same person I was before I had Ivar (thank god!). I feel overwhelmingly privileged to be the mum I am to Ivar (and Bump); when I’m with him I feel completely free to be who I truly am. So I guess my sense of self is very much grounded in with being a mother, but I do need and enjoy my own creative time. I’m very clear about what my needs are and how to get them met; some might call that bossiness, but I call it understanding when I’m at boiling point and in need of my own space!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of bossiness!
And finally, as it’s Cake Week on Make, Do and Push: what is your favourite type of cake?
Carrot cake with a generous creamy topping!

Ok, lets get down to business! Firstly, what make is your changing bag?
Ally Capellino

What are the five items in your changing bag that you just can’t live without?

1. Water bottle: I drink a lot of water so this is vital, also I like to think I’m some sort of cool sporty person with this Sigg canister… I’m not!
2. Tissues: A must for everyone surely?
3. Dr Hauschka hand-cream: This is the most gorgeous smell in the world.
4. Extra strong mints: I don’t think there’s been a day in my 36 year existence that I haven’t had an extra strong mint!
5. Mui Mui Sunglasses: I know it’s rare but you never can tell when the sun might just pop out, and I love these glasses because you can still see my eyes through them, so I don’t feel rude if I wear them and the person I’m talking doesn’t have theirs on… if you know what I mean?

Thanks for sharing the contents of your changing bag with us, Alice! I have a guaranteed-cloud curse when it comes to sunglasses, so mine stay far, far away from my changing bag…!! You can find Alice’s fabulous blog here. Alice also tweets as @alicesstudio

If you’d like to feature in a future “What’s in your changing bag?” please email or tweet me. 


  1. 26th March 2013 / 4:12 pm

    I stopped using my changing bag a while ago now, just have an oversized handbag now! Still carry the kitchen sink though, letting go of the changing bag for the last time is one those moments when you see how fast they are growing!

    We are neighbours Mutti & Alice, I am in Brighton too!

    • 26th March 2013 / 6:53 pm

      Oh really? I’m originally a Brightonian but we moved to Lewes so we could have a garden 🙂
      Hannah xx

    • 27th March 2013 / 10:33 am

      Thank you 🙂 xx

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