Feature: BeauBelleBaby Boutique

BeauBelleBaby is a very new online baby boutique, and I caught up with the creator, Janine, to find out more! 

So firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Janine, I live in South West London with my boyfriend Tony and my cat Tafari. I’m also a qualified indian head masseuse and kinesiologist (type of holistic therapy) with particular focus on child allergies. 

How interesting! 

When did you start up BeauBelleBaby

BeauBelleBaby is just a few weeks old, so it’s still brand new and shiny. I’m finding new brands all the time, so it’s still growing.
What inspired you to start an online boutique?
I’ve always wanted to start my own business, and I love buying gifts, clothes and cute things for my friends children and all of the new babies in my family so the two things come together in BeauBelleBaby.

I know the feeling – things for babies are so cute! I have an addiction to baby “stuff” at the moment (for obvious reasons).

How did you come up with the wonderful name BeauBelleBaby?

It was a flash of inspiration. Every baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, and my shop reflects this as beau is beautiful boy, and belle is beautiful girl.

I love flashes of inspiration! What a (quite literally) beautiful idea for a name. 
Ok, you must have a favourite section on BeauBelleBaby? 

Rompers and sleepsuits, I love how cute and cuddly babies look in a simple baby grow. I stock some really lovely traditional ones and some funky designs. I love this headphone design which can be personalised.

That’s adorable! Do you have a particular ethos for running BeauBelleBaby? 

I’m passionate about supporting other small businesses, so most of my products are from boutique brands, ethically produced and, where possible, organic. I try to find quality products that are practical as well as stylish. Personally, I love this bag as it’s practical as a nappy bag, but looks great as a handbag as well!

I know that for some things parents want an established brand, so for items such as breast pumps we stock Avent.  

I’m so happy to hear you say that – it’s wonderful that you’re so passionate about supporting small businesses; it’s so important in this day and age. Oh, and I love that bag! It would sit very well in Make, Do and Push’s What’s in your changing bag? feature! 

And finally, Janine, are you a mum yourself?
I’m not a mum yet, but I am a Godmother and Auntie to my friends kids.

Wonderful – what is your favourite thing about being a Godmother/Auntie?
I love it when they light up as you walk into the room!

Lovely! BeauBelleBaby is a fabulous website for all of your baby needs – definitely worth a visit. 


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