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I used to be a very organised person. I loved organising. But since having Busby, my zest for organisation has disappeared.

At the moment I feel exhausted. Totally wiped out. In need of a serious holiday and some baby-free time. I also need a rejuvenation pod to fix my wilting body and mind.

So here we go: I can’t be bothered to organise our wedding. Oh golly, that sounds awful doesn’t it?

The wedding just seems like too much effort. 2012-me would be slapping 2013-me right now screaming “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??” But it’s true.

We don’t have any money. Our budget is teeny.

The reception venue I fell in love wasn’t available for the date we wanted in October, so we’ve been thinking about moving the date to August. I don’t really want to get married in August. What if there’s a heatwave and I look horrific in all of the photos due to red face and sweat patches?

I’m not a summer person. I like autumn. I like the cool breeze. I like the browns, yellows, reds and oranges in the trees. I like the dark nights.

I’m having doubts about the venue. It was my dream venue, but I think I fell too fast. It’s huge; how will we light it? How will we decorate it? How will we cover up the awful exhibition that taints the otherwise beautiful space? I don’t want my guests walking around reading about protestants being killed.

Happy Wedding Day!

The manager seems so casual about the whole affair. I don’t need casual. What if the hall isn’t clean on the day? Or they forget we’re having our reception?

We can’t find a ceremony room that fits more than 50 guests. I don’t want to invite a large(ish) percentage of my 25 as I want my friends to be there. People that have actually supported me through life. Not people who told me to “get over” losing my Father after 5 years. Not people who I haven’t heard from since giving birth. Why would I want to invite them? Why should I have to?

I have serious wedmin angst, and this is only the start of our wedding planning journey. Does it get easier? Will I suddenly have a “eureka!” moment and everything will fall into place? I jolly well hope so.

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  1. 12th July 2013 / 7:11 am

    We got married in October – I love the reds, browns and oranges too. Hope you find your wedding planning mojo again! Ours was tiny budget, reception in a church hall with lots of help from friends, and it was a wonderful day. Also, I was just too shell shocked that it was actually happening that I barely remember half of it – glad I didn’t spend tens of thousands of pounds on it!

  2. 12th July 2013 / 7:16 am

    I was exactly the same to begin with. Nothing seemed right and then once you get your head around what you want it seems to fall into place a little easier. Keep looking at venues, even ones you don’t seem to think will work, you might be surprised. We went to one we thought would be crap as their brochure wasn’t fab and that’s where we ended up choosing over some other gorgeous venues. Since then everything has fallen into place a little easier. And remember its your wedding invite who YOU want! We made a rule that if we haven’t communicated properly within a year or so with them they weren’t getting an invite. My biggest tip: don’t worry, panic or stress it makes it feel worse and I promise it’ll fall into place eventually. Make venue hunting family days out

  3. 12th July 2013 / 3:24 pm

    Haha my wedding list is goin to be fun, half my family and friends don’t bother with me etc? I say if they don’t bother with me now why should I fork out for them a meal.if your Doubting the venue then there is probs another one out there waiting to be found! It will be a lovely day regardless!! Xx enjoy x

  4. Claire M
    12th July 2013 / 3:25 pm

    Aww, don’t worry and be stressed and upset about things…we’re in the process of planning ours and we simply don’t have the budget (let alone the inclination) to have the “must haves” that everyone seems to think are necessary. For us, a key part of the day will be having all of the people we love and care about to celebrate there with us – and the most awesome venue, if devoid of those people, will be no good at all! So, we’re going to get married in a registry office with my sister and boyfirend as witnesses and then have our “wedding” 2 days later, with a non-religious ceremony and party for all of the people we want to be there – relatives that we don’t see, work colleagues that we feel obliged to invite etc will not be on the guest list because that is reserved for those fab people who are part of our lives and who we want to have there for fun and silliness and celebrations. So, no fancy-pants stately home for us and a 3 course wedding breakfast for a bunch of people we don’t know…we’re having afternoon tea and dancing in what is currently a building site but used to be a University halls of residence but by 2015, will hopefully be a complete building with a big garden for friends’ children to charge around in and, if all goes to plan, play on a bouncy castle. Hurrah! Fingers crossed that things change and you can feel excited soon.

  5. 12th July 2013 / 7:00 pm

    Awww chicken.
    It is helish stressful and unfortunately the stress doesn’t dissappear over night, however I have some advice from someone who planned a wedding in 3 weeks with a tiny budget and a 12week old.
    Work out the most important part of what u want to remember about the day. If thats friends and family who rock your world, find an intimate venue so you will actually be able to talk to them all. Our reception was held in a local restaurant in the function room, we only decorated the tables and cake table and it was perfect for us – email me if you wany any more random in depth advice!!

  6. 12th July 2013 / 10:12 pm

    Bless you, I think this is precisely why I haven’t got started on any wedding planning, unless pinterest counts!? Hope you find something/sort your problems soon, I am finding my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary party hard enough to organise as it is!! Good luck! xx

  7. 13th July 2013 / 11:56 am

    Is there a rush? Why not just put it on hold until you feel more in the mood and inspired to do it? I feel for you on the guest list front, we had exactly the same issues with our wedding. I was expected to invite uncles I’d never met. My family didn’t seem to understand that I didn’t want to use our wedding to heal family rifts! It was all ok in the end but there were some stressful conversations along the way :0). Good luck with it all. x

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