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BritMums Live was amazing for many reasons, but the gorgeous free notebook that sat in front of us on the table on day one was a wonderful bonus. You see, I’ve got a bit of a stationery fetish… I can spend hours wandering around Paperchase just stroking notebooks, flicking through them and dreaming of the moment a beautiful new pen inks onto the crisp, ivory pages. Gosh, this is getting steamy! So you can imagine my delight at discovering a gift voucher in the new notebook for a free personalised planner from Personal Planner!

I’ve been lusting after a designated “blogging” planner for a while now. My diary isn’t quite up to it, and as much as I try to use the calendar on my phone I prefer writing things down, and looking through something physical rather than digital.

So here it is!

I spent a good hour scrolling through all of the designs (there are many) and deciding exactly what I wanted in my blog planner.

You can personalise everything; adding your own special dates, and even deciding on the colour of the ruler and elasticated strap that holds the planner together! I love the kooky contact page in case you lose the planner. There’s even a plastic wallet to keep your expenses/business cards (or anything else) safe!

I eventually decided upon a medium planner (16 x14cm) so it would fit in my handbag. I fell in love with this bird design, as it reminded me of Twitter, and the design carries on throughout, which is wonderful as many diaries and notebooks tend to have a pretty cover and then are plain inside.

On the train: My planner comes everywhere with me.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with my planner, and have loved using it so far. It does exactly what I want it to and I feel so much more organised and on top of my blog posts.

Prices start at £14.99 for a small planner (11 x 14cm) and go up to £19.99 for an A5 planner. They are available to buy on the Personal Planner website.

I’ve teamed up with Personal Planner to offer one lucky reader the chance of winning their own planner! All you have to do is answer this question by commenting below: “If you could add another Bank Holiday onto the calendar, when would this be (date) and why?”
Terms and Conditions:
– Please ensure you leave contact details.
– Competition ends on Sunday 14th July 2013 at noon.
– UK entrants only.
– You don’t have to be a blogger to enter.
– A winner will be picked at random on Monday 15th July 2013, and informed via their preferred method of contact. will then send the code through electronically for the winner to order their planner online.

Good luck!

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21 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway:

  1. Lyndsay FizzyPeaches

    This is such an amazing giveaway! I am a real stationery addict myself, Paperchase is my favourite too.

    If I could add another Bank Holiday to the calendar it would be the day the Royal Baby arrives! It’s going to be a summer baby, so would be lovely to give the country a day off to celebrate our new arrival in the sunshine, and then remember this day for years to come.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  2. Mylittleacorns

    Well firstly, to answer your question…St Davids day! The welsh moan about it every year and the Welsh Assembly should just crack on and give us a day off work so we can go to the pub, sing welsh songs and eat leeks.

    And secondly, I had NO idea that something like this even existed!! I’m thinking of giving my blog a kick up the bum and taking it in a new direction (which I want to talk to you about by the way…so remind me later!) This would definitely help (I like seeing things written down too…I love my filofax!)

    Anyhew, this is an awesome give away and I want one!!!

  3. Lucy Mayer

    I’d add the 4th July – I miss having the day off, like I used to when I was out in the States! Although, to be honest, the most important reason is that it falls rather near my birthday – and if my hubby was off work then I might manage to get away with an extraordinarily rare child-free day…. 😀

    Fabulous giveaway, by the way! Love these planners.

  4. Emily

    I would have a bank holiday on the summer solstice (longest day) of the year every year! Who wants to be stuck in work on the longest day? I’d rather spend it with my family.

    I would love to win one of these! They look fab! Here’s hoping!

  5. 3yearsandhome

    I love this and am desperate for a new planner. I think I’ll order one anyway if I don’t win. I’d personally like August 6 off but for nurseries to stay open. That way I could have a child-free birthday 🙂

  6. Carrie

    Lovely giveaway, such a beautiful planner! I love the ideas here, although I love the Royal Baby and 4th July ideas, I would go for one mid september, for kids back at school and teachers alike, it would be lovely to have a day off to ease us back into the swing of things, and to enjoy those gorgeous ‘indian summer’ days that seem to be getting so common in our septembers now!

  7. Becky Robinson

    Fantastic giveaway!
    I would love to see a bank holiday on 14th feb to blow away those post crimbo blues and to allow us all to take a romantic walk in the winter sun with our loved ones (and the kids, with their scooters, looking for a loo as someone needs a wee and a cafe as the other might just wither away without her snack snack) wouldn’t have it any other way #family life bliss!

  8. Lorna

    It would be great to have a random bank holiday that was ruled by the weather, so when the temperature tops 30 degrees we have permission to ‘down tools’ and head to the nearest beach to soak up the sun! Like, right about now!! The country deserves a national head to the beach day in weather like this.

  9. isthatyoudarling

    I think I’d probably add a Bank Holiday to November. I know that sunshine would be out of the question, but if you are not expecting sunshine you can’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen! So November, maybe around my birthday would be nice! The middle of the month would tide us over nicely until December and Christmas!

    Janey x

  10. orangemush

    Great giveaway and bad hannah for introducing me to this website…hubby will not be pleased 😉
    We need another bh in October to break it up a bit OR for the nhs’s birthday – without them I wouldn’t have had such delightful (!) Birthing experiences..

  11. Helen

    Oooh I just love stationary and personalised stationary sounds like a little slice of heaven 🙂 Fab review and give-away Hannah.

    I was going to pick bonfire night (more traditionally known as Guy Fawkes Day) as this is one of my favourite days of the year and I think we should all get more time to get involved in the magical atmosphere of the evening. However, as so many people have already chosen days around then to break up the looong stretch between the August and Christmas bank holidays I am going to pick another one!

    I think we should all be given our own individual bank holiday on our Birthday. That way no one should have to go to work on their special day and can spend the time instead relaxing and doing their favourite thngs. It would of course have childcare included so that, if desired, all you yummy mummies and daddies can have a well deserved break and some ‘me time’ too 🙂

  12. Classic Feminine Style

    I would love a blog planner as I’ve only recently joined blog land and I’ve got writing pads all over the place – not very organised at all.

    I think we should have a bank holiday the first Monday in October, then all the holidays would be spread out over the year. It’s a long time from August to December with no official holidays!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed :o)

  13. Clara Larribeau Wade

    As a Lewesian now (yes Hannah it’s true – we are no longer Brightonians!) I would say Bonfire Night! Since being with my Lewesian husband we’ve always taken the day off work with friends and started the ‘night’ at lunchtime – meeting at the John Harvey Tavern for a hog roast and Harveys and carried on enjoying the day in various pubs or seating spots. So much fun! It would be great if it was an official day off, and also fits in with the idea of a bank holiday between August and Christmas. And as an original outsider myself I’m not as obsessed with the idea as others of not letting outsiders in!

    I hope I win! This planner looks amazing! I’m with you on the writing things down pleasure.

  14. Lillian Duong

    Ofc if I had to add another date it would have to be on my birthday, 17 April! Hahaha, it’s more so for my own selfish gain than for everyone else’s favor but hey, If I had a chance to add another bank holiday date, who wouldn’t want a free day to spend on their birthday with their friends and family!? (ofc unless it’s in the weekend haha)


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