Busby: 8 months

Wow! 8 months! Busby is 8 months old??

The past 8 months have flown by in a whirlwind of smiles, cuddles, nappy changes and a few tears (from all of us)…

In the last month Busby has learnt to crawl, and boy is she fast! Two more teeth have arrived in the past week, bringing the total tooth count to four so far. She’s also become so much more vocal – and I wouldn’t be surprised if she said her first word in the next month.

Busby starts Nursery for real today. A huge milestone! I don’t feel like she’s old enough to be without me, and I’m so nervous for both of us, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it once she gets into the swing of it all. Plus it will be so good for her to be around lots of other babies, as it’s just the two of us a lot of the time, and she needs that interaction with little ones.

Who knows what the next month will bring? First words perhaps? Some sofa cruising? I’m excited to find out!

ps. What’s in your changing bag? returns next week!

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14 Responses to Busby: 8 months

  1. Hope the first day went well! Well done Busby :)

  2. dinkythinks says:

    Woo hoo little girl… Lots of achievements for you :)

  3. So exciting! Where does the time fly? We’re on 9 months and it’s whizzing by. Hope the first day at nursery went well for both of you xx

  4. pinkoddy says:

    Awww treasure it – the time just vanishes.

  5. Mummy Tries says:

    Crazy how fast it goes! My eldest starts school in two weeks and it feels like yesterday that I was counting her teeth one by one… as Pinkoddy has said above cherish each day because it disappears in the blink of an eye #PoCoLo

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww this is such a lovely idea :-)

  7. MrsShilts says:

    Oh she is such a beauty. I love seeing how the babies are growing up, not loving how quickly they are growing up mind. We’re two months behind you with Little Mr so it’s good to read what we might expect x

  8. Tori Wel says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous :) Oh how I miss this age. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x

  9. What a lovely little girl she is. I hope she enjoyed nursery and you managed without her…

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