Figuring out HTML

I’ve got to admit that I’ve never been particularly interested in coding and the “back end” of websites. An ex-boyfriend was a Computer Programmer, and I never really understood why he would get so excited about getting a piece of code right… And then I started blogging.

Last night (or as I write this – tonight) I cracked the code, as it were, and figured out how to create drop down menus on Blogger! For all ye Word Press Bloggers this isn’t a big deal at all, but for us Blogger Bloggers it’s a bit like solving the Da Vinci Code!

I’m super excited, and I hope it makes my blog slightly easier and smoother to navigate. I used this tutorial here, and then worked out that I had to split the code and use the first part in the Blogger  “Add CSS” section and the second in an “Add Gadget” box in the layout. I then tweaked and fiddled a bit, to achieve what you can see above.

What do you think? It’s all still work in progress, but I’m very chuffed with it so far. My mind isn’t a particularly logical one, so I’m impressed I had enough concentration to do this!

Next stop – dealing with my right side bar and making it pretty!

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I’m linking up with #MagicMoments over at The Oliver’s Madhouse.

10 thoughts on “Figuring out HTML

  1. Distressed Housewife

    I can relate! I’ve learnt more technical stuff just by trial and error blogging than I ever have before and I too can find HTML exciting when it does something extra for my baby…I mean blog. Congratulations on your breakthrough! 😉

  2. Jaime Oliver

    how super exciting, although i use WP i have been working on some codes and given myself a headache banging my head against the wall!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x


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