Make: Step-by-step vintage-inspired chest of drawers

We have three sets of small, very basic chest of drawers from Ikea in our household. I bought them two years ago for my old craft room and have always wanted to do something more exciting with them. They only cost £15 and are pine.

The sun was shining on Tuesday so I decided it was time to get painting, and spruce up this boring chest of drawers!

Here’s my step-by-step tutorial for painting a vintage-inspired chest of drawers. It’s very easy, but rather time consuming – you’ll need an afternoon to complete.

So here we go…!
N.B. Depending on the chest of drawers you’re using you may need to strip the varnish off and sand down.

1. Step one really should have been dismantle the furniture, but I thought that was fairly self-explanatory. So step one is paint the knobs! Make sure you take them off the drawers.

2. Paint the drawers. The yellow needed two coats. Leave to dry.

3. Paint the outside – don’t forget to paint the inside parts that might be seen. Leave to dry.

4. Once everything is completely dry, varnish! Leave to dry.

And it’s as easy as that!!

What do you think? The photo really doesn’t do it justice.

And in her Nursery!

Overall, this chest of drawers cost less than £10 to do up. I used 5 tester pots in total (and they were on buy-one-get-one-free!) and a pot of varnish. Very cheap, fun and it looks much better than it did before!

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  1. The Mad House of Cats and Babies

    30th August 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I have to admit, our Ikea furniture in our room is looking a bit tired. I might have to try this, and see. I need to revamp our whole room, but this looks really cheap and easy to do, which is a good thing! 🙂

    1. Hannah

      30th August 2013 at 6:27 pm

      It’s so easy to do and super duper cheap!! xx

  2. Emma x

    30th August 2013 at 10:53 pm

    So cute 🙂 I love the colours.

    Thanks for commenting on my dressing table post, can’t wat to get it painted up now! x

    1. Hannah

      31st August 2013 at 7:58 pm

      Thanks Emma!

      I can’t wait to see how yours turns out 🙂 xx

  3. Kate @craftsonsea

    31st August 2013 at 6:59 pm

    It looks great! We’ve just repainted a sideboard, dining table and 6 chairs and are about to start on a chest of draws too, it’s a bit addictive once you know how easy it is and how much fun 😀

    1. Hannah

      31st August 2013 at 7:59 pm

      Thanks Kate 🙂

      I know exactly what you mean – I have been making a list this afternoon of everything I want to strip and paint in our house! xx

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