Busby does Brighton Beach

I am ashamed to say that Saturday was Busby’s first time on Brighton Beach…

In my defence, we don’t actually live in Brighton anymore, AND it has been far too hot to take her down there (and the beach has been far too busy!) since she’s been strong enough to sit up unsupported, but I know, I know… not great for a Brighton girl!

We decided to have lunch on the beach and let Busby loose on the pebbles…

I then realised another reason why we hadn’t taken her to the beach yet… Pebbles were being picked up, tiny hand racing to mouth, Mummy catching said hand before pebble was inserted into mouth and crunched on those delicate teeth! Phew! That was a good 45 minutes of constant: “No Busby, don’t put that in your mouth!” and lightening fast reactions from Mummy and Daddy!

Anyway, both Nick and I got a bit camera happy, and I thought I’d share the photos with you for this week’s Magic Moment.

Suncreaming up! 
“Ooh! This looks tasty!”
“No! I don’t want my hat on!”
Watching… Waiting for the pebble to be lifted into her mouth…

I love taking photos of seagulls. I dislike the actual creatures a lot, but I think they look awesome.
Another seagull photo…
“Look Busby, this is actual food.”
Daddy and Daughter understand the importance of keeping hydrated in the heat.
My family!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Busby does Brighton Beach

  1. dinkythinks

    Haha I hear your pain on the pebbles – A wants to eat our gravel in the garden which also serves as our cat’s scratching ground – not entirely safe! I love Bubsy’s style – she is rocking it!

  2. Franglaise Mummy

    What great pics! We’re yet to actually put C down on the beach – we took her to a sandy beach on holiday, but she stayed on the sunlounger with me as I couldn’t face her eating all the sand!


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