(I) Do // Wedding Dress Shopping Experiences #2 and #3

This week I’m talking about my second and third wedding dress shopping experiences. Both were positive, although the third opened up the search wide again!

And with a clarification of theme, I honestly don’t know what I’m looking for anymore… I want lace… I want romance… But what length do I want now? Anyway, I digress. 
Shopping Experience #2 was on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We’d been out for lunch and had drunk quite a lot of champagne. Retrospectively this probably wasn’t the best condition to go wedding dress shopping in (or in fact, any kind of shopping). Anyway, I’d received an email from an awesome vintage-style boutique in Brighton earlier that week – they’d just got their wedding dress in! Hoorah!! 
It started off well: “Why do you have a size 14 in your hand? You’re an 8-10 surely?” My second BFF was discovered!! Anyway, I certainly am not a 8-10 and found the size 12 fitted me almost perfectly. 
Oh my word. The dress looked amazing on! I had two full petticoats on underneath and I felt fantastic! But then that might have been the champagne thinking… We’re going to go back soon to try it on again, but as much as I loved it I just don’t think it was special enough.
Shopping experience #3 happened two weeks ago.


I’d found this beauty on Pinterest (above) and after quite a lot of research discovered it was stocked in two places in the UK. One was an hour drive away, so I headed up there with Busby and Mutti. 

The dress was awful in real life. I was so upset. I tried on about 8 other dresses, loved two, but didn’t have that lightning bolt moment. Part of me wonders whether this is because I had Busby with me; she was very well-behaved, but she’s a beautiful, attention-grabbing monkey who wants lots of Mummy cuddles at the moment, so it wasn’t the most conducive shopping environment! 
So there we have it! I think I’m going to try a different tact for dress shopping now; I found my engagement ring in a shop I wouldn’t have expected to find it in, so perhaps I need to explore dress shops that make me want to cringe? Big fat Gypsy wedding anyone?
The search continues when we get back from Lille, so watch this space!

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  1. 11th September 2013 / 8:14 am

    You’ll get there, don’t worry too much.
    I’ll let you into a little secret though, I never had that lightning bolt moment when I tried on my dress but I did know I liked it and it suited me, and in the end I felt absolutely amazing in mine on the day. I kind of always knew what I wanted and didn’t feel that moment until I put it on the morning of my wedding with everything else all set, my hair, shoes etc. That was my ‘Oh my god’ moment. Xx

    • 11th September 2013 / 7:17 pm

      I know what you mean – the atmosphere isn’t quite right with messy hair and shoes that are too big 😉

      Thank you lovely xxx

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