BOotW: Ballerina Geekery

T-shirt: Mothercare // Tights: Slugs and Snails (Hamptons) // Tutu: H&M Kids // Bib: Funky Giraffe

I love this outfit!!

ps. BOotW = Baby Outfit of the Week!
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22 Responses to BOotW: Ballerina Geekery

  1. Carie says:

    More gorgeous tights – I’m definitely going to have to find some for miss Elma’s stocking this year, and I love the tshirt – who says ballerinas don’t like robots!

  2. Mammasaurus says:

    Why do kids get all the best tights – that’s what I want to know! Seriously cute photos – loving that tutu!

  3. Such a cute little girl – makes me want to be a toddler again :)

  4. Alex Bridger says:

    What a fun outfit! Love it! Really different. I want to dress like that! X

  5. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh how adorable is that – I didn’t even know they made them so small.

  6. Dropping in from #PoCoLo. That is so sweet! Wish I could dress Boy up like that sometimes (and the cats are now looking scared….)

  7. I love a good ballerina skirt – even got an All Saint’s one for myself that I’ve had for years!! But nothing can rival the fabulousness of a little bub in tulle! #PoCoLo

  8. Aly says:

    Such a cute outfit! I want some printed tights now.I’ll skip the tutu though.

  9. Jaime Oliver says:

    love it love it love it x

  10. That is adorable! I love ballerina skirts, especially on diddy ones :) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  11. Love the combination of the robot t-shirt and the tutu! Good call. :)

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