Wanted: One Sausage Dog

Now that I’m working home alone for two days a week I’m starting to feel a bit lonely. Nick and I have always talked about getting a puppy for as long as we’ve been together, and I’m starting to think that a little dog would be the perfect companion. This coupled with the fact that Busby loves dogs, and I think we’re onto a winner. Nick isn’t as convinced though… but he’s definitely coming round to the idea!

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest may have seen my dachshund puppy board. A dachshund is the perfect size dog for where we are in our lives at the moment, and I may have turned into a bit of a sausage dog fan girl… especially after meeting our caterer’s puppy last week.

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So… having a dog as a pet!

Puppies will need a lot of attention from day one, as it’s effectively like having another child in the house. However, there are many benefits in having a dog; a child develops a sense of responsibility very quickly as the new family member will need cleaning, feeding, walks and lots of love. The sooner that is learned the better.

The dog will also require daily walks, but the exercise is beneficial for the whole family. There are so many positives from dog walking; family time, health benefits (great for the pre-wedding tone-up) and it’s also a wonderful way to meet people – especially if you’re still quite new to a town, as we are.

It’s crucial that your dog has his/her corner in a room and feels free to roam around the house, unless there is a particular room that is not pet friendly, or you don’t fancy them eating all of your shoes…! Keeping the home well lit is also necessary. Like humans, dogs need to have adequate light to avoid depression; stores like LampCommerce stock lighting that suits every taste. Switching off all lights when leaving the house in winter can be bad for pets, so make sure you keep some on, and I know for a fact that my Mutti’s dog, Basil, loves the radio on when she’s out (I think he secretly has a little boogie with Tinkerbell the cat).

Basil the dog

I know lots of you are cat lovers, but I’ve got to admit I’m not so keen.


Well, mostly because cat hair gets everywhere and, after years of brushing it off my school uniform and clothes, I’m a bit fed up with it now. Nick is also very allergic to cats. Cats aren’t the most tolerant of creatures either, and unless their claws are treated I can see Busby with a scratch or two on her face after getting too curious with a tail pull…

I just have to convince Nick that a dachshund puppy is our dream pet – wish me luck!

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  1. 12th February 2014 / 9:19 pm

    A woman on our road has a couple of dogs and one of them is a sausage dog. He’s tiny – and he never walks on the lead properly…he’s always getting shouted at/ into trouble/ lagging behind. But it just makes me love him more. I’m not a dog lover but I do love him!

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