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Hello and welcome to “What’s in your changing bag?”; my weekly Tuesday feature where I ask one Yummy Mummy (or Daddy) to share the innermost secrets of their changing bag, and the five items they couldn’t possibly live without! 

Today I’m joined by “MummyBear”.

Hi “MummyBear”! Love the photo! Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m MummyBear, wife to DaddyBear and all-round Slave to my 2 year old daughter, Boo. We are all veggies, Disney mad, and live in a beautiful village in South Oxfordshire. DaddyBear brings in the dough from his finance job with a well-known drinks brand, and I am (and was born to be) a SAHM. I am obsessive, love One Direction (no joke), have koumpounophobia (google it!), and adore maps.

One Direction…?
What would you say is your favourite thing about being a Mama?
Making my Boo happy. I make sure we have a full week, Monday is singing and playdate, Tuesday is Toddler Group, Wednesday is playdate with NCT friends, Thursday my Mum comes to dote on her, and Friday she has Pre-School for 2hrs in the morning. I just love seeing her enjoying her life so much; she is always on the go and loves to do new things. We’ve taken her to a few shows recently, and she has adored them! 

Fabulous! I read your Gruffalo review – it sounded wonderful.
What would you say is the hardest thing about being a Mama?
How all-consuming and exhausting it is! I couldn’t do it if Boo didn’t nap in the afternoon (please don’t let her have grown out of this already!!!), and sleep well at night! Boo has also been fiercely determined from the second she was born- she knows what she wants, and she knows what she doesn’t want! I just have to mould in around that without letting her ‘rule the roost’.

Boo sounds great!
What three words would you use to describe Motherhood?
Active, Meaningful, Fulfilling.

How do you preserve/maintain your sense of self?
I’ve only ever wanted to be a Mummy, ever since I can remember. Before Boo I worked in nurseries, so have always been around young children. Being a Mummy is my ‘self’. But if I didn’t get my evenings then I would be a wreck! I love to lounge with DaddyBear, catching up on our days and watching crap telly. Also I have deemed 2014 to be the year where I say ‘Yes!’ to pretty much all social engagements! Most of my friends live in London or further afield, and I haven’t been able to get to see them on their turf much since I got pregnant, but now Boo is old enough to not mind being left, I want to go and see them as much as possible before I get knocked up again (hopefully early next year!). 

Excellent! Enjoy the “you” time!
So, the last question before we find out about your changing bag; if you could share one piece of Motherhoodly wisdom with us all what would it be?
Breastfeeding can be very difficult and traumatic; don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go smoothly. Ask for help at the hospital after birth to make sure your baby is feeding properly before you leave. Boo wasn’t and we had to go back in 3 days later due to weight loss. It was awful so please spare yourself and ask for advice straight-away! 

I completely agree – fantastic advice!
Ok, it’s business time: what make is your changing bag?
PacaPod, Mirano.

Hurrah for PacaPods!
What are the five items in your changing bag that you just can’t live without?

1. The Insulated Pod. To carry snacks and drinks is ace as it keeps it all neatly in one place, so that the rest of your bag doesn’t get filled with crumbs and leaked juice!

2. The Changing Pod. Keeps wipes, nappy cream, anti-bac hand gel, nappies, changing mat and a change of clothes all neat and accessible! SO handy for when you’re in a flap trying to change a little one!
3. I also have Boo’s hat and tube scarf, in case it gets cold, as it always does in this country! 
4. A pile of receipts and old tissues. ‘Cause who doesn’t have ‘crap’ in their changing bag?! 
5. And finally a mini purple toy pony! Boo put that in there, but it would come in handy as a bribe or if she’s of short entertainment!

Thanks for sharing the contents of your changing bag with us, “MummyBear”. I love the mini purple pony! 

“MummyBear” blogs at Slave to my Toddler and tweets as @ToddlerSlave.


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  1. 11th March 2014 / 1:14 pm

    Have to admit, I’m a huge One D fan too. I especially love that Harry, the poor thing looks like he needs a good wash! Yay for a fellow One D loving mummy!

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