What’s in your changing bag? // Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum

Hello and welcome to “What’s in your changing bag?”; my weekly Tuesday feature where I ask one Yummy Mummy (or Daddy) to share the innermost secrets of their changing bag, and the five items they couldn’t possibly live without! 

Today I’m joined by Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum.

Hi Chantelle –  gosh what a brood you have there!
Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi everyone, I’m Chantelle. What can I tell you about me? Well I suppose first and foremost I’m a mum. I’m lucky enough to be able to stay at home and look after my four daughter’s: Elise, Freya, Gracie and Layla. I’m married to the lovely “Daddy Hazelden”. When he is not busy at work, he is busy playing on is beloved Xbox… I am sadly a call of duty widow! I’m addicted to social media, and when I’m not busy with the kids or blogging, you can find me curled up with my kindle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!!! 

That sounds like a perfect evening!
What is your favourite thing about being a Mama?
My most favourite thing about being a mum is that feeling of unconditional love that I get from my children. There kisses and cuddles are a magical cure to any sadness I’m ever feeling.

What would you say is the hardest thing about being a Mama?
I guess the hardest thing about being a mummy is knowing that I can’t always make things better for them. Some situations will be out of my control and they will have to find solutions to their own problems, even if I want nothing more than to help them.

So true. 
What three words would you use to describe Motherhood?

Hmm… just three words to describe motherhood? Challenging, emotional and rewarding.

So, the last question before we find out about your changing bag; how do you preserve/maintain your sense of self?

Honestly I don’t know if I do maintain my sense of self really, and I guess I’m fine with that. I’ve always said that I was made to be a mum and that is how I see myself at the moment… Thoughts of me are kind of pushed to the side for now.

It is very difficult to make time for yourself – but it sounds like you get downtime with your kindle and wine!
Well, it’s business time; what make is your changing bag?

I have to admit that I have quite a few changing bags but my changing bag of choice at the moment is my Pink Lining “Not So Plain Jane” in the purple dragonfly print.

Gorgeous! I love Pink Lining!
What are the five items in your changing bag that you just can’t live without?

1. Baby wipes. I have a packet of baby wipes in my changing bag and in my hand bag. They are handy for every situation, and I use them not only for my youngest daughter, but the older kids too. 
2. Pooh Bear. We have two of these comforters; one for at home and one for when out and about… This is one thing that Layla will not live without.

3. iPhone. I did say I was a social media addict! My phone is like an extension of me and therefore an essential in my changing bag.

4. Snacks. You never know if you’ll end up out longer than planned, so it’s always worth having a few snacks in there just in case. 
5. First aid kit. My kids are so accident prone! My 6 year old is known as “first aid Freya” because she is forever falling over, so it is always best to be prepared with plasters etc where my children are concerned!

Thanks for sharing the contents of your changing bag with us, Chantelle! The first aid kit is such a fab idea! 

Chantelle blogs at Mama Mummy Mum and tweets as @MamaMummyMum.  


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