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30th May 2014

Adventures, National Trust

Our visit to Wray Castle, Hawkshead

Hurrah! I’ve finally found time to write about our visit to Wray Castle! We visited the beautiful Wray Castle while we were in the Lakes on holiday earlier this month. It’s such a gorgeous National Trust property, with spectacular views. Nick and his Dad had a great time building castles inside, whilst Busby, Nick’s Mum and I explored the bluebells outside. If you love Busby’s pug jumper as much as I do, you can buy it here!  Wray Castle is definitely worth a visit,  ...

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If I had three wishes…*

What would you wish for if you had three wishes? I’ve thought long and hard about is. Obviously a night nanny springs to mind at the moment… actually, scrap that, a live-in nanny would be rather handy. Or live-in help including my own personal masseuse, stylist and hair and make-up team. I also thought about wishing for the body of Beyonce and calorie-free cake… but that’s a little self-centred… However, with my slightly more coherent and sensible hat on, this  ...

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