Solo Parenting is…

Yes! So much fun! I’ve just completed my first solo parenting weekend and I’ve loved it! We’ve crafted, we’ve had a wonderful time in Mutti’s garden in and out of the paddling pool, we’ve survived insane storms… and we’ve even been for a lunch date.

This weekend I came to the conclusion that solo parenting is perhaps easier than co-parenting! Well, for a weekend! As a solo parent you ultimately have the power; there is no umming and ahhing about what to do for the day, there are no second opinions on whether it’s time for bed, and no tense whispering when your Little One doesn’t fall asleep straight away.

However, a weekend of solo parenting is definitely not beneficial to your health… For example, if you want to eat pizza both evenings, slump on the sofa watching reruns of One Born Every Minute and playing online bingo at ButlersBingo then you can – no one is there to judge you… unless your toddler wakes up. I totally ate pizza both nights, and I don’t regret it (well, I might do a little bit at my next personal training session).

What I really enjoyed about my weekend was the peace and quiet! I could spend all evening working on the laptop without feeling bad that I was ignoring Nick. I also really enjoyed having the whole bed to myself, and late night Kindle reading… and 4am reading when I couldn’t sleep after the storms. Thankfully I didn’t find myself on eBay at 3am bidding on wedding dresses again…

Solo parenting is definitely hard work. At times. And I can imagine it’s a little bit insane with more than one child!

This weekend has been about crazy storms and incredibly sweltering, muggy weather, which means quality of sleep is pretty bad. Luckily Busby slept through both the nights (well, there was grumbling at 5am but she went back to sleep) so I didn’t have to solo parent as a zombie. However, this weather makes everything twice as hard to do, so at times I found myself wishing for a small break, just so I could stand under cold water to escape the heat.

This weekend has helped me appreciate how hands on Nick is with Busby… Even the small things like letting me have a little bit longer in bed, and giving me a break from changing dirty nappies!

Although we had lots of fun together, and I’d be confident to solo parent again, Busby and I missed Nick lots this weekend!

How do you find solo parenting when your partner goes away for the week/weekend?

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  1. 21st July 2014 / 6:55 pm

    Good for you! My other half has been away a few times, which I found really hard at first but okay now that the Bean is a bit older. As you say, you can just do whatever you like! When I was on my own recently I just packed the day with fun stuff and then just conked out whenever the Bean was asleep. Usually I’d make a bit more of an effort to keep the house tidy or make conversation… It is tiring being sole carer and entertainer though, and I wasn’t half pleased when OH was back!

  2. 22nd July 2014 / 7:33 am

    Hubby works shifts so I am often solo parenting for a few evenings/nights by myself and when it was just LP it was fine. When Little Man came along it was harder, I had complete meltdowns sometimes trying to bath them both so in the end we skipped bathtimes on days where Hubby was working until Little Man was a year. This made EVERYTHING so much easier. Now that Little Man is 14 months everything is fine and solo parenting isn’t that bad – I much prefer when Hubby’s home though! x

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