Work Christmas Party Ideas

As a small business owner and freelancer, I sadly don’t get a Christmas party (unless I threw one for myself… which I could do I suppose!), but here are some top tips for booking your Christmas Party… and for a Work Christmas Party with a twist!

Christmas parties of days gone by!

It’s getting to that point of the year again; we are more than half way through and the dreaded C word is looming… Christmas! Of course, our main priority at Christmas time is making sure we have a good old time, party and celebrate which is why so many companies, both big and small choose so celebrate with a works party.

If you’ve run out of work Christmas party ideas then look no further, here is a list of epic party ideas to get you and your work colleagues and friends in the festive spirit:

Classic Christmas Cheer – enjoy the mulled wine, mince pies and festive cheer with your work team after a hard year in the office. Now’s the chance to relax, mingle with colleagues away from the computer screens and enjoy some classic festivities

Adventure time – for the adventure hunters among us, why not try something different and full of adrenaline. Work Christmas party ideas have previously involved paintballing, extreme sports or even hot air balloons!

Sophisticated styles – get out the glam and enjoy a luxurious wine and dine evening full of champagne and great food. It’s a great option for anyone who enjoys good company, a little treat and some scrumptious food.

These are just a few work Christmas party ideas but how about doing something completely different… perhaps a murder mystery event?

If that’s tickled your taste for fun, then why not opt for a twist on the traditional annual work Christmas party and create a night to remember full of murder and mystery?

You could take part in one of the many shared murder mysteries across the country, which are all Christmas themed of course and held at stunning locations including some of the top hotels in the UK! Think a mysterious manor, party guests in costume and a killer among you … all you need to do is solve the mystery and enjoy the mulled wine. These shared events are a great option for companies big and small; you’ll be able to take part in the interactive solving of the biggest murder mystery of the year as well as enjoying Christmas dinner, delightful drinks and music for the night.

If you want to hold an epic work Christmas party then why not create your very own murder mystery this Christmas. This might just be the best work Christmas party idea you’ve ever come up with, now all you need to do is make it happen. With businesses such as Murder Mystery Events, you’ll be able to choose from a range of work Christmas party ideas for a night full of murder and mystery. You could take part in the Christmas role play bonanza which caters for up to 25 guests and even includes a professional actor or two who will be thrown into the murder mix.

Another great work Christmas party idea is to let you and your colleagues enjoy all the perks of a murder mystery evening but one full of relaxation. How? An interactive Christmas dinner theatre lets you and your team sits back and enjoys the murder mystery proceedings – a great option for large parties. The interaction is a great team building exercise too, so it’s fun and effective!

As you see, I just can’t resist a sparkly party hat!

Whatever you decide to do for your work Christmas party this year just make sure you don’t end up eating your way through a tin of biscuits in the staff room listening to the same Christmas CD that gets played every year. Why not just do something different? Get out of your comfort zone, get to know your colleagues outside of work and enjoy a mysterious night or murder and mayhem.

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