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14th October 2014


The Week That Was: Honeymooned

So… I’m back! Just about…! The past few weeks have felt super-duper surreal: a mixture of stress, elation, and crazy joy. We have been surrounded by so much love, so much kindness and so much positivity that it’s all a little bit overwhelming. I’ll be writing about the wedding in the next few days (or weeks, depending on how life is going), but for now, I thought I’d re-enter the mad world of blogging with a classic Make, Do and Push! The Week That  ...

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Getting a Dog for the First Time

We’re back on the subject of dogs again today – I’m like a dog with a bone (sorry) about this subject at the moment at Make, Do and Push! Towers… Soon! In the next few months we’ll hopefully be homing a pooch, but here is an article that’s well worth reading before one commits: Getting a dog for the first time can be a lot like bringing a new baby home, but without the stitches, shell shocked expression and breast pads. Puppies are invariably cute, and  ...

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