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I have a hilarious guest post from the very lovely Annie aka Mrs Crafty B on the blog today! Take it away Annie!

Memories are what you make them. Our wedding was perfect.

Having fallen pregnant nine months after the engagement and yet to set a date, we decided to embark on our marriage before baby arrived. We started planning our wedding on New Years 2010 and married in April 2011! By the time the wedding came around, I was 5 months pregnant and the planning had been shared between the two of us with me calling the pregnant card for most of it.

I had forgotten the ‘big dream wedding’ and the detailed DIY’s, but we did print our own invites, make our table plans etc, I made a cupcake tower for our cake (ok I did go ‘detailed’ on the sugar flowers topper!) and we’re lucky enough to have an amazing photographer in the family. We had the ceremony in our village Church, a Frank Sinatra impersonator whilst we had photos and reception drinks, the most fabulous three course meal in a marquee with table entertainment, followed by a disco in a lovely conservatory area with a hog roast at the evening do. It was simply perfect. I had an amazing day and the on morning afterwards when meeting family back at the venue for breakfast it seemed as though everyone else had had an amazing day too. Even the men folk who had had the football on in the lounge area! We went on our honeymoon to London where we had beautiful sunshine and 26 degree heat all week. The start of our marriage had been fabulous on every level. I had not stopped smiling.

BUT…there were the bits that I forgot. It turns out that on the day there were wedding ‘disasters’ that went completely over my head as I smiled on in wedded bliss, laughed with giddiness and was completely oblivious to anything other than my shiny new marriage and enjoying every moment.

Here’s a run down:
1. On the evening before the wedding, I picked up my dress and when opening it, I discovered a dusty footprint on the top half. I don’t even know..I can’t EVEN tell you….!! Luckily it was carefully reduced in visibility.
2. On kneeling in the church, my shoes slipped off and my hidden bump caused a few issues getting up.
3. I missed the Frank Sinatra impersonator as I was busy getting my dressed run over and caught in the wheels of a golf buggy.
4. The in-laws decided to check into their hotel between the ceremony and the meal and got lost. We were 45 minutes late sitting down to eat.
5. I splashed tomato soup on my dress.
6. The groom didn’t actually plan a speech. He made a very bad joke. stumbled through what he wanted to say and then launched a glass of champers at me (by accident of course..I think!). He also forgot to thank the Mums so I had to do an impromptu speech to call in the flowers being held at the door by nervously waiting staff.
7. One of the waiters carrying a tray of full milk jugs dropped them on one of the guests.
8. The loop for holding up my dress at the back snapped so I had to drag around the train.
9. An evening guest (of the groom and whom I didn’t particularly like) turned up just as we were racing to get the perfect sunset shot with the photographer. We missed it.
10. We were announced onto the dance floor for our first dance as Mr and Mrs. I strolled on to applause before realising I was alone. Hubby needed a toilet break apparently.
11. I had a hog roast bun (it was the only thing I had ‘demanded’ for the wedding) which I left for two seconds and someone smoked all over it. So gross. The rest of the roast was gone. I missed out.

I am sure that there were a few other things that happened that were less than ideal but even these didn’t get the best of me. I don’t think these even played a part in my wedding memories until talking to family and friends months afterward. To me, the day I embarked upon a marriage with the love of my life was the first best day ever (we have two sons now) and no amount of thinking about the things that I forgot will make me see it as anything other than perfect.

I am certain that The Hardings will have the most perfect day too!

With love and perfect moments.

Annie tweets as @MrsCraftyB.

Photos by Rebecca Goddard.

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  1. 7th October 2014 / 7:04 pm

    Brilliant blog! I laughed out loud at some of the incidents, isn’t it funny what goes over your head on the actual day yet the worry about them happening sends you gaga in the run up!

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