Letters to Father Christmas

Writing a letter to Santa with present requests and hopeful reasons of why a place on the ‘nice’ list is deserved is a lovely tradition to add to your family’s festive calendar.

The innocence and wonder of Christmas is sadly a rather short-lived joy that as a parent we try hard to keep alive. A personalised letter with realistic touches, like an address and stamped envelope provided by mum or dad, is a great way to bring the idea of Father Christmas to life – not to mention offering an easy way to find out what everyone is coveting.

This year, make it an event by sitting the kids down, arming them with pens, pencils, stickers and glitter (if you dare) and inspire them to get creative. Stick on some Christmas music, bring out the mince pies and you’ve got a great activity that’s getting everyone in the festive mood.

Use the opportunity to begin teaching the concept of setting boundaries by encouraging your children to narrow their likely long list of wants to just one or two items. This is also a perfect occasion to encourage empathy; Christmas is about sharing and warmth, so ask them to think about whom they would want Father Christmas to cheer up this year – perhaps adding a request on behalf of someone else – a friend, sibling or even a stranger.

It may not seem an obvious time to incorporate learning, but what better instance to teach your children about letter writing skills? Give them the low-down on the correct format and involve them in addressing the envelope and attaching the stamp. They can put their new skills to the test in the New Year by sending out adorable thank you cards to friends and family.

If a brand new bike, scooter or skateboard is top of your kid’s Christmas list this year, check out this amazing letters to Santa competition being run by Halfords. Just a take a photo of the handwritten letter explaining why they want one of the gifts on offer and upload it here for a chance to win, just in time for Christmas!

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