The Week That Was: Captured #75

Hello! Welcome to The Week That Was: Captured! Have you had a fabulous week?

The rules for #TWTWC are simple; link up one post about your week! It can be photographed, Instagrammed, written, videoed… basically in any format you wish! This linky is about capturing memories and I treat it a bit like an online diary. Please only link up relevant posts. Also, if you fancy commenting on other people’s posts that would be super too – everyone loves a comment!

Last week
jpm_banner5I found Cathy’s (Jack’s Paper Moon) post about Jack the “Threenager” really interesting – we’re going through something similar with Busby and the terrible twos, so could relate! I also loved her photos – and Jack’s amazing robot coat.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 16.43.53Lisa (Post Script) had me giggling in her post about looking for a job; her children sound hilarious and it’s obvious how much she will miss them when she returns to employment. She also points out how awesome us Mums are at multi-tasking and doing things quickly, which are great attributes!

h3Rachel’s (Rachel Roaming) Thanksgiving celebration sounded wonderful – they catered for 36 guests! The photos of the snow had me wishing for the white stuff to hit the UK (but maybe not until Christmas so Nick doesn’t have to drive in it).

Our week
This week has been less busy than last! Nick started his new job, so Busby and I had to fend for ourselves in the cold North… and I realised why everyone learns to drive up here at the age of 17!

I can’t really remember what happened on Sunday

Nick started his new job on Monday, and Busby and I spent the day around the house getting in the festive spirit! We made paper chains for her bedroom and danced in the kitchen to Christmas music.

I had a pile of orders and other post destined for the Post Office on Tuesday, so Busby and I headed out into Ackworth to find the local Post Office… We spent a very cold three hours looking for the mystery building, only to discover when we got back to the house, that the Post Office we were looking for had closed a while back. I did take refuge in the local garden centre though after almost bursting into tears with frustration, and treated myself to a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.

We found a Post Office on WednesdayHurrah! We had to travel to Pontefract via bus, which was an experience in itself, but I could have danced for joy when I saw the red and white logo! The bus was insanely busy on the way back, so I had to fold down the pram (I’ve never had to do that in Sussex!) but the Bus Driver was amazingly helpful and held Busby while I did this (and back up when we arrived at our stop) and let us ride for free. Busby and I spent the afternoon making mince pies, which was SO much fun! I’ve never baked with her before because our kitchen just wasn’t big enough for two, but she loved every minute of it… and our produce was very tasty!

Thursday was not the best day ever… Busby was up in the night, and spent a lot of the day being grumpy (as did I!) We made Christmas cards in the morning, but the afternoon went downhill very quickly when she needed a nap, but refused to do so… I was very thankful when Nick got home.

We had a similar scenario on Friday… We spent a few hours up in the night, and then she was awake relatively early in the morning. We did have a lovely hour or so playing in the garden before lunch, but once again, her need to nap took over and she turned into a little sleep-needing fiend… I finally got her to nap in her bed… and as with Thursday, was very happy to see Nick at the end of the day! Nick and I spent the evening curled up on the sofa with a takeaway watching Skyfall. 

After a few difficult nights, Busby gave us all a (rare) lie in on Saturday morning and slept until almost 9am!! I had a very exciting delivery, and we spent most of the morning dancing in the kitchen and having “running races” around the house! We popped into Wakefield in the afternoon to buy Nick a new winter coat and to grab some supplies, before spending the rest of the day listening to Christmas music and playing.

1. Bouncing! (Monday) // 2. Watching Sarah & Duck in bed (Tuesday) // 3. Posing (Tuesday) // 4. Stuck! (Tuesday) // 5. An exciting delivery for Busby’s birthday food (Wednesday) // 6. A happy baker! (Wednesday) // 7. Enjoying the garden (Thursday) // 8. A “Supa” awesome delivery (Saturday) // 9. Nom! Noshing on homemade mince pies while I write #TWTWC (Saturday)

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. 7th December 2014 / 8:53 am

    Poor you, that’s the North for you! 😉 I hope B give you a bit more rest this week xxx

  2. 7th December 2014 / 9:12 am

    Wow a lie in until 9!! I wish ours would lie in. Hope Busby is sleeping better now and that you are liking it up North x

  3. 7th December 2014 / 10:57 am

    Gosh, your post office experience sounds like a challenge! Glad you found one in the end!

  4. 7th December 2014 / 12:39 pm

    Those flamingos look gorgeous in print what is it!? Hope this week will be better sleep wise and I feel your pain in getting used to new areas takes me a lot longer lol xxx

  5. 7th December 2014 / 1:04 pm

    Oh, what a week! The post office ordeal sounds awful – at least you know where to go now. It stinks when they fight sleep so much too. I’ve been having similar problems with Pumpkin, I wonder if it’s the cold weather or the nights coming so early now or something? For Busby, it could be all the newness around her too, I suppose. I hope her schedule returns to normal for you soon!

  6. 7th December 2014 / 4:51 pm


    Linking up with #TWTWC for the first time. 🙂

    Yikes, what a week – at least it ended well and your homemade mince pies look incredible – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like mince pies!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  7. 7th December 2014 / 9:18 pm

    I love reading these posts of yours, What a lovely bus driver to help you out like that. Sorry to hear you have had a couple of tough days but I’m glad you finally found the elusive post office 😉
    I need to make paper chains with Oliver, I used to love doing that when I was younger.
    Thanks for hosting
    Becky xx

  8. 8th December 2014 / 11:47 am

    Ooh yummy looking mince pie at the end there! Some fun photos this week, despite Busby’s illness midweek 🙁 Hope she’s back to her normal ‘bouncing’ self now!

  9. 10th December 2014 / 8:46 pm

    Those mince pies look delicious! I hope B is sleeping better now xxx

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