Parenting // Shared Parental Leave – would you consider it?

I loved being on Maternity Leave with Busby; there were days when I’d miss being able to communicate with adults who discussed things other than poonamis and sore nipples, or being able to sit down and eat a meal without it going cold… the same applied to a cup of tea. But on the whole, I loved being her main caregiver. I felt like I’d finally found my place in the world, and no amount of hot tea could change that. Nick occasionally joked about sharing the leave, but both of us knew that he would go slightly bananas by the end of day two, and that it worked best for us with him at work and me at home.

The same is going to apply for when Peppercorn arrives in a few week; Nick will take his Paternity Leave, and some annual leave so he can spend extra time with us, but as the main income in our household, and with a career that he is so passionate about, we haven’t even considered sharing parental leave because our set-up works well for us.

However, I know what works well for us, wouldn’t work for lots of families, and if you’re considering sharing your parental leave between the two of you, then this infographic below from Go To Meeting is jam-packed full of useful information!

UK Shared Parental Leave_Final

Would you consider sharing parental leave?

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