Busby // 30 months (2.5 years!)

Here we are at 30 months, and I honestly thought Busby would be in the early days of Big Sisterdom by now!

30 month update

It has been lovely to have another month alone with my beautiful, if slightly crazy, Toddler girl. With the weather getting warmer, and with us being in our new house, we’ve spent a lot of time in the garden together. As I can’t really be Fun Mummy, running around manically after Busby, we’ve done lots of reading on a picnic blanket or under a canopy (or in bed), and the Paddington books have been a favourite again this month! 

As well as copious amounts of book reading, we’ve also been enjoying picnics in the garden most lunchtimes, as well as the occasional breakfast or dinner. All this time outside, making the most of the fresh air, has reminded me why we’ve relocated – having a garden and the space we need makes such a big difference to our lives.

30 month update

Busby has started at a new Nursery this month, which has been pretty difficult on all of us; much harder than I thought it would be! Both Busby and I have suffered from unexpected separation anxiety, which has produced many tears, and I’ve felt an enormous amount of guilt sending her… She has a lovely time once she settles in, but the mornings have been full of “I don’t want to go” drama (thank you Nick for dealing with those – I’m not sure my heart could take it!) and every time I pick her up, I’m greeted with “You came back!” I miss her old Nursery so much – the staff were wonderful and she had friends there… I know she’ll get there in the end with this one, but leaving her with virtual strangers and children she doesn’t know is tough!

30 month update

Her conversation skills have come on leaps and bounds again this month, and the patronising Health Visitor we saw a couple of weeks ago is very impressed (“She’s knows her colours? And her letters? And she’s talking in full sentences too!! Wow!” Um…). She also seems to have had a growth spurt, and according to the Nursery Manager is tall for her age. She’s turning into a little girl more and more every day, and I frequently find myself asking time to slow down at the moment, because she’s growing up far too fast!

This month she has discovered my jewellery drawer, and looks more than a little darling in a string of (costume jewellery) pearls that she’s commandeered! She also likes to take a handbag shopping with her now, which contains her own lipbalm (“Just like Mummy”), and she loves to pick out her own outfits in the morning. It’s very cute, but again, another sign of how quickly she’s leaving Toddlerdom and entering the world of Preschooler!


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  1. 20th June 2015 / 3:35 pm

    Gwenn is about four months younger than B, but she doesn’t even put two words together, let alone full sentences, so (patronising tone of the HV aside!) to me that would be pretty impressive. Not being able to hold a conversation with Gwenn is genuinely heartbreaking. It’s as if there’s always a huge gulf between us because we can’t truly communicate. xx

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