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22nd October 2015

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La Petite Armoire // Why Bear Ears are never a bad idea…

I take a lot of pleasure in dressing my children. Especially at the moment, as my own postpartum wardrobe is lacking in inspiration and excitement – I dress myself every day with two thoughts: “Can discreetly I whip out a boob in this?” and “Can I squeeze my Mama tummy into those without causing internal organ damage?” Consequently, my children have infinitely better wardrobes than I do. Shopping for children’s clothes is a marvellous experience; mostly  ...

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Breastfeeding // The Pros + Cons

Indy turns four months old on Friday, and I’m still breastfeeding him (alternating between breast and bottle)! Even though I’m no longer exclusively breastfeeding, I’m so so proud that I’ve made it this far, as there have been many times when I’ve wanted to stop. The breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding debate has changed vastly since I had Busby back in 2012. I remember sitting in our postnatal class, feeding her from the bottle, feeling utterly judged by the other  ...

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