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12th November 2015


Pregnancy // 5 Types of Pregnancy Scan Mums-to-Be Can Choose From

Pregnancy scans are carried out to build a picture of an unborn child. They check on the growth and development of a baby in the womb, and can pick up a number of potential health problems before the child is born. Ultrasound equipment is used to ‘bounce’ sound off a mum-to-be’s abdomen and measures how sound is ‘bounced’ back, this is then turned into a picture we can see. Scans are part and parcel of being pregnant for millions of women around the world. Painless and relatively  ...

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Children's Fashion, La Petite Armoire

La Petite Armoire // Bear-rilliant Baby Wear

I’m obsessed with anything bear-related at the moment! Obsessed I tell ye! There’s just something ridiculously adorable about putting Indy (who we now call H-Bear at home) in clothes with bear ears… He looks scrumptious in them. It’s so apt for him too, as while in the midst of labouring him, I felt between my legs and discovered a whole head of hair, which I thought was a bear! Ah child birth really sends you a bit crazy…! Thankfully the entire  ...

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