Busby // 35 months

busby 35 monthsMy goodness! In one month my beautiful little lady will be three whole years old! HOW?!

This month Busby has loved staying down in Sussex with my mum. It’s been a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, as well as play with her canine bestie, Basil. She’s been thoroughly exhausted by our trip (and we’re only halfway through!) but she has loved every minute.

ducksBusby has been pretty poorly this month – she’s had impetigo, a few colds, raised temperatures… Curse those Nursery germs! She’s fought them off like a trooper though, but they have definitely taken it out of her.

Creativity has been rife in our household for another month; our dining table almost always has a pot of glue and a selection of paper, feathers and other items to stick, on it so Busby can get arty.

Octonauts has been a favourite television programme this month, with lots of exclamations of “EXPLORE! RESCUE! PROTECT!” both when watching it, and also during imagination play. We have to watch the same select episodes over and over again though, which is a shame, as my favourite episode (The Great White Shark) is not among her chosen few…

busby boots

Chocolate ice cream is the favourite food once again, and Busby has also been enjoying curry this month! It’s been so lovely to be able to sit around the table and have curry together as a family.

This month Busby has learnt the word “shan’t” which is both highly amusing… and rather frustrating when used against you!

Next month is the big ‘three’ and I’m under strict instructions to make a chocolate butterfly cake… I think Octonauts may also make an appearance at some point too!


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  1. 25th November 2015 / 1:07 pm

    She is getting so big. I hope she is feeling better from all the nursery germs and glad you’ve had a nice stay at your mums.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBekids

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