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if music be the food of love sonosOne of my favourite moments in our family day is after dinner; it’s usually 6pm and, as a family of avid Radio 1 listeners, it’s time for the 10-minute takeover. We pile into the kitchen, turn up the radio loud, and dance our socks off. It’s fun, it’s stress-relieving, and it mentally prepares and gives us parents an energy boost for the bath and bed time routine.

New research from Sonos has revealed that families who listen to music out loud spend an extra hour together each week, as well as eating an extra meal together each week.

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Children are also more inclined to muck in on chores in musical homes, with 8 out of 10 agreeing that household tasks are easier when listening to music. For me, a requirement for emptying the dishwasher, or sweeping the floor, is the music turned up loud so I can boogie whilst sorting out the house! Even now, as I’m writing this, I’m listening to our fab new Sonos PLAY:1 system on loud (Riton “Rinse and Repeat” currently) and having a little chair dance.

The survey by Sonos (of more than 4000 Brits) also found that:
– One fifth expressed their love of someone because music was playing out loud.
– Two out of three agree that playing music out loud is a way of easing tension in the household.
– More than half of households stated that listening to music has inspired members of their households to hang out together.
– Parents in musical homes are more likely to have had shared experiences with their children in the last week
– Musical households experience more shared activities than non-musical households (10% more laughter, 20% more meals cooked together, 18% more hugging).

I know that we’re a lot happier as a family if we have music on, and I use it as an educational tool too – we often have ‘Musical Theatre Hour’ over lunch where I introduce the children to songs I’ve performed, and we all have a sing along. It’s rather lovely, and singing releases any tension that might be building from a morning of threenager fun or baby grumbles!

Is music important in your household?


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  1. 18th April 2016 / 8:21 am

    Kitchen raves are always on the go here too. We quite often dance around on a Sunday morning in our pj’s whilst breakfast is cooking. Luca sits and laughs whilst Ant jives with me (badly) and then will come and join in or take over from Daddy to spin me around and around. He loves it and we all start the day with enormous smiles on our faces. Music is a huge part of our lives. X

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