Siblings // May 2016

The past month has definitely been my favourite month so far with my two bears. We’ve been on our first family holiday with two children (eek!), and experienced the first time on an aeroplane for both, which they handled like pros… Our adventure has given me a bit of a travelling bug, and I’m fairly desperate to go on our next trip – especially if the weather continues to be so rubbish in Yorkshire!

We visited Lake Como at the beginning of May and stayed in the most gorgeous apartment near Menaggio, which overlooked the Lake. I took advantage of our beautiful surroundings for our photos this month.

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siblings may 2016 2

siblings may 2016 1

There seems to have been a shift in affection this month, and Busby now loves having a younger brother (most of the time)! She strokes his hair, kisses him, gives him lots of cuddles, and H-Bear absolutely loves this new-found interest in him. I think part of this affection might be influenced by watching H-Bear’s adoring fans at Busby’s gymnastics class… They all crowd around him during break-time; stroking his hair and passing him toys. I think we’re going to have to watch out for him when he’s a teenager!!

Despite the newly discovered affectionate side, we have to keep reminding Busby to be gentle with H-Bear, as she tends to try and pick him up by his head/neck, which obviously isn’t ideal… So we’ve been talking her through how to safely help him to his feet.

H-Bear is going to be walking independently within the next few months, and both children can already see the adventure and benefit of H-Bear’s newly acquired skill… I fear for my sanity! Although I am looking forward to having two walkers, as H-Bear gets quite frustrated at times.

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siblings may 2016 5

siblings may 2016 7

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Busby is already encouraging H-Bear to do things he shouldn’t, and I’ve walked in on her telling him “If you push this button, and then run away!” a couple of times now… I can see this older sibling getting her little brother into quite a bit of trouble, and as he dotes on her, I think he may fall for it!


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  1. 15th May 2016 / 10:52 am

    Wow it looks beautiful there! I know what you mean about planning the next trip. I’ve not even had my baby yet and I’m already planning a holiday next summer! Itchy feet.

  2. 15th May 2016 / 11:12 pm

    Oh wow what a gorgeous backdrop for some beautiful photos. My husband would never let me admit it, but it is prettier than Yorkshire! It sounds like your two are having a blast at the moment, and even if big sisters are inclined to get their smaller siblings into trouble, the great thing is that usually the small sibling will rat them out entirely unconsciously – it can be very very funny!

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