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14th June 2016


Motherhood // C’est La Vie!

As soon as you announce your pregnancy, every female you come across bellows “DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES!”, and you find that you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into a whole new world of female fun! You also find yourself fretting about a) whether you’re doing your pelvic floors frequently enough, b) whether you’re doing them correctly, and c) whether doing them will actually work once you’ve birthed a baby out of your Lady Garden!?! Add another baby  ...

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Review // Slumbersac Travel Sleeping Bag

The weather was glorious while we were in Italy, but far too warm for our regular 2.5 tog bags, so when the lovely folk at Slumbersac offered us a sleeping bag to take with us to Lake Como I couldn’t resist this gorgeous Bubble Dot sleeping bag! H-Bear was sent the 1.0 tog bag in age 6-18 months.The bag is made from 100% cotton and lined with 100% cotton, which means is very breathable and ideal for the gorgeous warm nights.

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