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15th June 2016


Siblings // June 2016

And so we see a whole year of Siblings! Goodness! I’m writing this very close to tears… what a year! I can’t believe H-Bear will be ONE next week. ONE?!?! I know it’s a cliché but the year has FLOWN! This month has seen H-Bear walking unaided for the first time. There was much clapping and elation when he took his first steps, and then a little voice piped up: “Look Mummy and Daddy! I can walk too!” 

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Baby, Motherhood

Motherhood // When life moves too quickly

With Busby about to reach three and a half next week, and then H-Bear turning one on the 23rd (also next week!), I’m feeling rather emotional… This time last year I was heavily pregnant and waddling around like an obese penguin; I couldn’t get out of bed without creaking and groaning (this applies to both myself and the bed!), and I spent every day in an oxymoronic state – excited to meet our baby, but wishing that he’d stay in a little longer so I could feel  ...

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