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cest la vie oops tenaAs soon as you announce your pregnancy, every female you come across bellows “DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES!”, and you find that you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into a whole new world of female fun!

You also find yourself fretting about a) whether you’re doing your pelvic floors frequently enough, b) whether you’re doing them correctly, and c) whether doing them will actually work once you’ve birthed a baby out of your Lady Garden!?! Add another baby to this scenario, and crossing your legs whilst laughing becomes a regular occurrence… not to mention the daily internal debate about whether you should join the kids on the trampoline.

lights by TENA have released a fantastic new video about embracing your Oooops moments and just saying “C’est La Vie” to them:

“TENA?! But I’m not an incontinent old lady!” I hear you cry. Well, lights by TENA pads aren’t just for the elderly among us. Did you know that light bladder weakness affects 1 in 3 women in the UK?

It’s something that happens to A LOT of us Mamas and, like periods, we shouldn’t be ashamed if it happens to us. I mean, our bodies have grown and birthed actual humans – that’s pretty epic! Yes, bladder weakness, is inconvenient, but if we want to bounce with the kids, or laugh hysterically then we shouldn’t have to do this with fear of leaking.

The new lights by TENA range are pads specifically designed for unexpected little leaks.

They look like regular liners, but each liner has a QuickDry top sheet and FeelFresh™ technology that locks in moisture and controls odour, and stops you feeling like your 11 month old is his nappy! The new lights by TENA have 5 times the protection of previous liners, which means you’ll stay protected for longer; the ultimate protection against unexpected little leaks.

The pads come in a variety of sizes and absorption levels, and handily come wrapped individually, so you can discreetly pop them in your changing bag or handbag.

You can request your free trial pack of pads on the lights by TENA website.


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*Post in collaboration with TENA.*

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  1. 14th June 2016 / 9:50 pm

    I nearly peed myself at work the other day whilst trampolining! Promptly told the mum of the child I was with as I ran upstairs to the loo who in turn nearly peed herself laughing at me! Pure elegance.

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