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helping your child succeed at schoolAs a parent it’s only natural that you’ll want the very best for your child regardless of their age. Their every step will have taken place under your watchful eye, and each achievement has been a moment for celebration. As your child grows up it can feel as though they are leaving you behind somewhat, but there is one milestone during which your support and encouragement is needed more than ever; school days. Whether you loved academia or hated every moment, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends school regularly, and that they receive support and love during the highs and lows that will no doubt ensue. While you may struggle to recall your own classroom experiences at first, helping your child to succeed in school and follow their dreams is one of the greatest gifts that you could give them – and one of the most rewarding journeys as a parent.

Steps to follow to ensure success

It’s easy to assume that it’s a school’s job to support a child’s learning and encourage their creativity; isn’t that what teachers are paid for, after all? However, study after study has proven that those nurtured at home, as well as in a classroom environment, perform best when it comes to exams, and tend to have higher levels of confidence, self-esteem, and curiosity when it comes to academic pursuits. The benefits of helping your child through school don’t end there; by supporting your child through the school years you can encourage their interests, strengthen the parent/child bond, and become involved in extra-curricular activities, as well as learning a thing or two along the way. In short, involvement in your child’s schoolwork is beneficial for the whole family, and can begin the moment they begin their academic journey.

So, how can you ensure that you’re there for your little one, and that you offer the very best support regardless of their abilities at school?

A comfortable bedtime and nutritious diet

They say that the simplest solutions are often the most effective, and that’s never been truer than when it comes to schoolwork; ensuring your child gets plenty of sleep, and providing a balanced, healthy diet will set them up for each school day. The best routines are those established from the beginning, so regulate bedtimes and mealtimes from your little one’s earliest experiences of playgroup and nursery.

Encourage family bonding time

Whether you’re learning to play musical instruments as a family, reading at bedtime to inspire a lifelong passion for books, taking educational trips together, or enjoying a mealtime without the distraction of a television, the moments that you and your child spend together are the most precious, and can make all the difference at school. By all means let your little one explore the world and figure things out by themselves, but let them know that you’re always there, just as their teachers will be. As your child grows and develops prioritise study time, and provide a space in which they can read, write, and complete homework. Learning should be a creative experience, rather than a chore that is forced upon them.

Choose the right school for your child

One of the best things that you can do as a parent is to choose the right school for your child;this should be an environment in which they’re nurtured and supported, as well as being one with the best academic records and results. While you may be reluctant to consider private school, owing to the costs attributed to such a move, establishments such as the Kingsdale Foundation School, London, provide the very best education, and experiences, for those in their charge; it’s impossible to put a price on the best education. More than that, choosing a private school such as Kingsdale will ensure that your child has access to a variety of subjects, extra-curricular activities, and the resources that will best support their learning; do take a look at the school’s mission statement to see how the staff address such matters. If you believe that Kingsdale would be suitable for your child check out the Kingsdale Foundation School address to see if it is also logistically suitable for you.

Choose an after-school club

To help your child succeed at school ensure they’re given downtime; making sure they’re studying all the time may feel productive, but it’s likely to wear your child out and switch off that love for learning. Finding a balance is key; you don’t want to pressure your child to take on too much. Opt for a few, carefully chosen after-school activities, never clutter your child’s schedule, and always support your child’s passions. The lessons they learn outside of the classroom can be the most valuable, regardless of the subject they’re tackling.

When it comes to nurturing your child through school, it can be tempting to remember your own experiences of academia, and to project your feelings onto your son or daughter as they begin their own educational journey. However, it is essential to remember that this is neither insightful, nor helpful, when it comes to navigating your child’s school days. Encourage your child to share details of their experiences at school, help them with homework, and instil a love of creativity from a young age. Above all, though, remember that your child’s academic adventure is just starting, and that they deserve the very best start in life; together you can achieve their dreams.

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