H-Bear // 14 months

Another month has passed extremely quickly, and we are once again staying in Sussex for another few weeks.

hbear 14 months

H-Bear has had quite the month! We’ve started the Milk Ladder, sadly with a failed first attempt, but he’s enjoyed being able to eat biscuits out of regular packaging for brief moments.

I’d forgotten how difficult this stage can be… The protests when returning to the pushchair or sling because they want to walk everywhere, despite the fact that their little legs can’t carry them that far AND you actually need to get to your destination before next week. The quick-to-anger noises and actions of frustration when they can’t quite do something they want to do. The extreme separation anxiety, even when you leave the room for a second… I’m not-so eagerly awaiting the tantrums, which are not far away judging by how H-Bear is progressing.

Nevertheless, it’s all fun and games, and part of the joyful wilderness of parenthood. It’s also probably why my prosecco consumption has increased this month! Ha!

sussex my wild ones

At 14 months, H-Bear:

  • Has six teeth! Finally!
  • Can say “Basil” (“ba-gul”), “cuddle” (“cu-gul”), “banana” (“nana”), “yes”, “no”, “Mamama”, “Dadada”.
  • Can recognise and point at people he knows.
  • Can nod and shake his head.
  • Can clap and do the actions to “Wind the Bobbin Up”
  • Can do the actions to “Row, row, row your boat” and knows when to scream and roar!

lil cubs review

At 14 months, H-Bear loves:

  • To dance.
  • To spin with Busby.
  • Jam sandwiches (still).
  • Malted milk biscuits.
  • The theme tune to Go Jetters.

We’re hoping to find H-Bear a Nursery to attend for one day a week from September so he can socialise with children his own age more… I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this at the moment (Torn. I feel torn.), but I know that it will be so good for him, and it should help with the separation anxiety too (for us both)!


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