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H-Bear // 15 months

hbear at 15 monthsAnother month has passed – this time not as quickly as the last two, as we have returned to Yorkshire, and ours days aren’t quite as full as they are in Sussex… That’s not to say we’re not having fun – it’s just a different pace up here!

H-Bear has been getting more and more confident with his walking, and although I don’t yet feel brave enough to let him walk alongside the buggy (he’s not the most sensible of creatures and seems to be drawn to danger), he is happy enough being able to explore the park or the any other gated establishment. He loves the school gate at the moment – and all of the mums are very impressed with how confident he is in himself! He’s quite the flirt…

We visited Whitby a couple of weekends ago, and he had the BEST time on the beach! It was his first time on the beach since he started walking, and he was in his element in the huge expanse of sand. So much space to explore! Oh, and the sea! Both children got happily soggy.

hbear at 15 months

At 15 months, H-Bear:

  • Still only has six teeth… and has managed to chip one of his front ones during an adventure.
  • Has added “Go!”, “Yum yum” and “There!” into his vocabulary.
  • Can partly sing along to the Go Jetters theme tune with the word “go”.
  • Can point out the dog in This is the Bear.

hbear at 15 monthsAt 15 months, H-Bear loves:

  • Busby! Oh my goodness – he loves his sister so much!
  • Reading! Finally! His love of books has been kindled, which makes me very happy.
  • Meg & Mog by Helen Nicoll (definitely his favourite book this month)
  • This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes

hbear at 15 months

We haven’t re-attempted the Milk Ladder yet this month, as H-Bear has had a tummy bug followed by a cold and hasn’t been sleeping particularly well, so it’s not really the right environment. I’m hoping we’ll be able to restart it soon though!

hbear at 15 months

H-Bear had his first swimming lesson last weekend. He hated it initially, but once he realised that I wasn’t going to leave him things improved vastly and he started to enjoy his time in the water… eventually splashing and chatting to the instructor. So, um, fingers crossed for the next few lessons!


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  1. Amber

    23rd September 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Your children are SO bloody beautiful.
    Amber recently posted…Embla and Olympia: Choosing their NamesMy Profile

  2. Katie

    24th September 2016 at 11:05 pm

    Your little boy is just gorgeous hannah, such a smiley happy little thing xx

  3. Franki ~ Wonderful Chaos

    25th September 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Look at the utter joy on his face in the photo of him on the beach. He so flipping cute Hannah.
    Franki ~ Wonderful Chaos recently posted…Online Golf #OGgetkidsintogolf event.My Profile

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