Christmas // Helping Santa Store His Gifts This Christmas

helping santa store giftsUnless you’re super organised and wrap as you buy, we all share the same issue in the run up to Christmas Eve: where can we hide the presents?! I’ve started wrapping, but our wardrobes are still full, and don’t get me started on the utility room…! Jam-packed!

Not only is there a storage issue, but there’s the matter of two nosey little people, who love nothing more than playing hide and seek in these wardrobes! I now understand why Mary Christmas keeps her husband topped up with mince pies – it’s comfort food for a stressful job.

Talking of the Big F.C., have you ever wondered about where Father Christmas keeps his millions of gifts?

Is there really enough room in his workshop for the elves to work and to store all of the presents?

The North Pole is a magical place, but even the Big Man himself has limited amounts of space for storage. To give him a hand and give the elves a bit more room on the shop floor, self-storage providers, Storebox have offered to lend a hand.

They’ve done the maths, and have put together a fun little infographic below. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face!

This infographic should give Father Christmas a better idea of just how many storage units he would need in order to store the millions of presents churned out by his workshop. These storage units would be a great idea to help keep all of the toys safe and secure until Christmas Eve, when the sleigh is finally loaded up to begin his worldwide adventure!

storebox santa storage infographic

Do you think Father Christmas needs the storage units? Or do you think he has a magical way of storing all of the toys? It’s definitely a question worth pondering over a cup of tea and mince pie today!


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*Collaborative post. But I really am pondering this big question now…*

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