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23rd January 2017

H-Bear Updates

H-Bear // 19 months

19 months of H-Bear… And one step closer to two! After my post last month about H now fitting into Busby’s iconic raindrop coat, I ended up buying him two coats in the Zara sale! It felt too strange seeing him in her coat every day, so I think I’ll be washing the raindrops and sending them into the loft for any children Busby may have in the future. 

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Baby, Motherhood

Motherhood // Is your home baby proof?

The first thought that always enters my mind when I think about baby proofing is Mitchell on Modern Family, running around frantically trying to make their house safe for his daughter. I remember watching the episode pre-children, wondering whether I’d be like that as a parent… And I have to be honest, we didn’t do a huge amount of baby proofing around the house with Busby. She’s always been so sensible, and not drawn to plugs or under-the-sink cupboards. H-Bear has  ...

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