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children's art galleries

Busby and I were walking through the art gallery in Harrods in October (on our way to the Christmas shop!) and she was drawn to all of the awesome, colourful artwork hanging up. “Mummy?” she said, “Do you think that my paintings could be in here one day?” I nodded, and told her what I tell her every time she asks me a question about her future: “Yes, darling. You can be whoever you want to be, and do whatever job you set your mind to and your heart on.”

As you’ve probably gathered from the above paragraph (and this blog) Busby loves to craft, draw and paint. She can spend hours creating, and therefore produces A LOT of artwork. She also seems to come home with at least one picture a day from Preschool, which means we have reams of paper hanging around the house.

Every few days I do a stealthy recycling sort out, and pop the good ones into her baby book. However, the book is getting a bit full now… I was despairing until I received an email from Children’s Art Galleries, and in one email they solved my paper overload issue!

Children’s Art Galleries is a new website where you can upload your child’s artwork. A paperless corner of the internet where you can keep it forever!

How does it work?

It’s very easy! Sign up to a plan (prices start from £3 for a year for one child), create an account, take a photo of your child’s artwork and upload the image to their gallery.

children's art galleries

As it’s a gallery, the pictures are on show to a worldwide audience – which is pretty exciting! Because of this, only a first name is requested so your child isn’t identifiable. You retain all copyright on the images too.

Awards are rewarded for the number of pictures uploaded e.g. bronze for 50 images etc.

children's art galleries

The Children’s Art Galleries website is a bright and clear interface to use. Everything is laid out well and is very straightforward. All photos are approved before they’re allowed on the website too.

children's art galleries

We were sent two Get Busy Boxes to start our gallery with – and Busby had lots of fun creating pictures on Saturday morning. She was asked to create a picture which illustrated This is how I feel today… and apparently fireworks were on her mind (which is quite accurate as it was a trying weekend!).

children's art galleries

children's art galleries children's art galleries children's art galleries children's art galleries

H-Bear’s image was more of an interpretive installation… I call it ‘Rainbow Chaos’.

children's art galleries

children's art galleries children's art galleries

children's art galleries

Children’s Art Galleries is such a lovely idea – and a great one to encourage their creativity. Who doesn’t want to see their artwork in a gallery? It’s also a wonderful way to share their artwork with family and friends who aren’t local! Pop on over to the Children’s Art Galleries website to find out more and start your gallery today.


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*Post written in collaboration with Children’s Art Galleries. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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