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12th April 2017

Family Life

Family Fun // Bridlington Beach

The thing I love most about living in Yorkshire are the beaches. Having grown up with Brighton beach as my back garden (almost literally until I was 10), I love being near the sea. I’m drawn to it. So living close(ish) to the beach is quite important for me – and what beaches they have up here! For a start, there’s sand! I’m so used to pebbles that bruise every surface of your body, and feet that have become so hardened by stepping on these pebbles, that sand is a  ...

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Home, Interiors

Home // When you fall in love with a house…

At the beginning of February I fell in love. That’s a lie; actually, I fell in love in October 2016. I fell – hook, line and sinker – for a Victorian end of terrace house in our village. I walk past the house at least three times a week to drop Busby off at preschool, and it lured me in with its beautiful brick work. It’s solid wood front door. And it’s Downton door bell. But it ‘Sold TBC’ pretty swiftly and the dream of living in a Victorian house  ...

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