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Shopping for furniture online is not as easy as some of us might think. I am a very tactile person so, as much as I love the ease and convenience of online shopping, I usually like to see and touch what I’m going to buy first.

Online shopping is often cheaper than buying from your local store (unless you live close to the mighty Swedish flatpack shop), but you might need to take a step back and think about what you might overlook in the quest for low price.

If you are at sea with the whole online shopping thing, I have some advice that might help:

Know what you need

Furniture comes in many sizes, styles and colours. And randomly scrolling through a website is not going to be helpful – you’ll probably feel even more out of your depth! You need to do your research before even searching for websites. Pinterest is a great place to start – you can build mood boards and search pins to help inspire your interior choices.

You also need to consider your budget – there’s no point browsing on websites that are way out of your price range.

Only head to the website of choice after knowing what you want (and have a quick search for discount codes too! I ended up getting 20% off my new desk a few weeks ago after finding a great code).

Think about the material

It is pretty hard to judge what a fabric will really be like from a computer screen. To help matters, a lot of online stores send out free fabric swatches so you can feel before you buy. Alternatively, you could note down the fabric, and then visit a fabric/furniture shop to get a sense of what it’s really like.

Be careful with colour

The images you see online are often enhanced for advertising purposes. You may find that the shop has a disclaimer in their description stating the actual colour, so have a good read before committing. Reading reviews for the product is also a great way to find out how true the colour in the photo actually is.

Do you have any top tips for online furniture shopping?


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