Interiors // 3 Home Decor ‘musts’ that always get overlooked

We’ve lived in East Yorkshire for two and a half years now, and we’re still working on elements of the house. It was very ‘granny chic’ when we first moved it; a lot of wallpaper was stripped, carpets replaced, and dark, light-stealing picture rails removed.

I was almost eight months pregnant with H-Bear at the time, and had planned to have a home birth, so I was very keen to get lots finished in time for his birth.

Which, consequently, meant that many things were overlooked while we got the essentials and cosmetics underway.

Internal doors

Our internal doors are still half-painted two years on. I think the idea was to actually replace them with doors that didn’t have glass panels, because I’m always worried about small children putting their hands through, but the switch over hasn’t happened yet!

When we do eventually get round to replacing them, I’d love to paint them two different colours to match our turquoise, yellow and white living space.

Bathroom Suites

Both bathrooms, although rather retro in style, were in good working order when we first moved in, so they were overlooked and put at the bottom of our to-do list.

However, about four months ago, Nick got rather trigger happy with the mallet and ripped out the shower and tiles from the downstairs bathroom… We received a few quotes for having the bathroom redone, but they were all so expensive for such a small space.

Since then, my Father in Law (and hero) has been gradually replacing the white units, and it looks like Nick and I are going to be visiting the School of YouTube to learn how to re-tile. I really can’t wait until it’s all finished and looking beautiful!

Wall Hangings

It has taken us over two years to put photographs and mirrors up in our house! And what a difference they’ve made to the space. There’s really nothing like having your own photographs up on the wall (even if the children do like to play with them), and mirrors add so much more space and light to rooms.

What have home decor ‘musts’ have you overlooked in your house?


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