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What H-Bear Wore // Swim Tots from TotsBots

I LOVE the reusable swimming nappies from TotsBots, so I was very happy to hear that they’ve just released another print for this summer! H-Bear had the ice lolly print last year, but sadly we lost it at one of his swimming classes and I’ve missed it ever since… The nappies come in two new designs: ‘Dig It’ and ‘Under the Sea’. The latter is the design H-Bear is wearing in these photos.

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Review // Mothercare Amble Stroller

We were very excited to be asked to review the Mothercare Amble Stroller for Netmums, and have been happily putting it through its paces over the past few weeks. The Amble is a nifty little stroller, and we’ve all been very impressed with it! First thoughts? I couldn’t believe the size of the box when the courier dropped it off – it was so small! I even asked him whether there was another box in his van, as I couldn’t believe a stroller could fit in it.

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Review // Nod Pod Baby & Toddler blanket

The Stokke Xplory is my preferred pushchair to use at the moment as it’s so nifty and nimble for the school run. However, now winter is truly here I have struggled to find a cosytoes that fits, or a blanket that H-Bear won’t kick off. Then I stumbled across Nod Pod on Instagram, and discovered their amazing blankets with legs – and it’s been a game changer! The Nod Pod is an innovative baby blanket. The blanket has legs, so it can be used with baby carriers,  ...

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Motherhood // Bepanthen… not just for bottoms!

Which products do you swear by as a parent? My list includes baby wipes (which I use for everything!), Ewan the Dream Sheep, and Bepanthen. If you’ve never heard of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment before then you’re probably wondering why it’s on my list. (But if you have heard of it – and used it – then you’ll know why!) Bepanthen is an ointment containing pro-vitamin B5. Pro-vitamin B5 is a magical ingredient, which gently aids natural skin recovery  ...

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Family Life // Johnson’s® Bubble Monster Baby Bath & Wash

We love bathtime here at Make, Do & Push! HQ. It’s the one (and usually the only) time of day where we are all together as a family of four during the week. Johnson’s® have just launched a special edition of our favourite bubble bath – the Bubble Baby Bath & Wash – featuring some cheeky bubble monsters, to make bathtime even more fun! The Bubble Monsters are four friends, each with their own personality that children can relate to. They all love playing in a  ...

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