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Busby: 6 weeks on

I can hardly believe that Busby is six weeks old today! Where has the time gone? Before I know it I’ll be back at work *sob* but let’s not dwell on that, I’m “off” until September.  We’ve hit some milestones in the past week; she’s smiled a non-windy smile (and many have followed: what a gorgeous smile!) and she’s tracked an object with her eyes. She’s also now cooing, which is the most lovely sound in the world. I try and have a  ...

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365 Days of Busby

Everyone in the bloggersphere seems to be taking part in the 365 photo project, so I thought I’d share my current project with you all!My In-laws bought me a gorgeous Cath Kidston scrapbook for Christmas, so I have decided to start another new project up (I’ve got so many on the go at the moment!) and create a “365 Days of Busby” book. The plan is to take a photo of Busby every day for the next year to document her daily physical changes and growth. We’re on  ...

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