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H-Bear // 11 months

Goodness… H-Bear’s last update before he turns ONE! What a quick year! This month has been gorgeous. H-Bear is sleeping so much better since we’ve introduced the dummy, and hasn’t been into bed with us for a week or so now! He’s also started taking epic naps during the day next to me in bed, which is great (on the days where we don’t have anything to do!). He’s generally happier in himself, although he’s still very Mummy-centric! Perhaps  ...

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Siblings // May 2016

The past month has definitely been my favourite month so far with my two bears. We’ve been on our first family holiday with two children (eek!), and experienced the first time on an aeroplane for both, which they handled like pros… Our adventure has given me a bit of a travelling bug, and I’m fairly desperate to go on our next trip – especially if the weather continues to be so rubbish in Yorkshire! We visited Lake Como at the beginning of May and stayed in the most  ...

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#LittleTrikers // A Little Trikers Adventure with Little Tikes

After what seems like a very long winter, summer is finally on the way, which means it’s time to get out and have fun in the great outdoors. Building on last year’s award-winning Little Trikers Challenge, Little Tikes are once again encouraging parents to enjoy adventures with their family by getting out and about with their Little Tikes’ Trike. Hoping to inspire you, they’re working with five families to show you how exciting adventures look like from your little ones’ perspective and  ...

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What Busby + H-Bear Wore // Seaside Chic from Rockin’ Baby

I hadn’t heard of Rockin’ Baby previously, but they’re an amazing, inspiring charity: In partnership with ChildFund International, for every piece of clothing sold from the Rockin’ Baby S/S16 collection, an item from their ‘Hero’ collection will be gifted to a child in need from 30 countries, including West Africa; providing vital clothing for children. Rockin’ Baby’s aim is to reach out to millions of children across the world, donating clothes to  ...

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