Pregnant with a Grape

pregnant with a grape

The place where you can find all of the posts I wrote when I was pregnant with beautiful Busby!

The Trimesters
First Trimester
Second Trimester
Third Trimester

Pregnancy-related posts
So you’re going to be a Mutti…
I can’t get no sleep
Crafting and cramps
Fat Ball of Fatness
Priorities: Pregnancy, Sickness and Work
Pregnancy, Parking and Public Transport
When reality hits you like a bus
Braxton Hicks: What a pain in the bump!
36 weeks: Bring back confinement!
End of 36 weeks: Technically full-term
37 weeks? Time to relax?
And so maternity leave begins… 
38 weeks later
What’s in a name?
Waiting for Baby: A new play by Hannah Jeeves
The Early Signs of Labour?
Operation “Born Free”
Still Waiting
“The bun is out of the oven!” (Busby’s birth story)