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Christmas // We’re going on a Bear Hunt on C4!

Channel 4 are renowned for showing gorgeous animations on Christmas Eve. In the past we’ve had The Snowman, The Bear, and The Snowman and the Snowdog. Some of my fondest childhood Christmas Eve memories involve watching The Snowman before attending our local church’s carol service. We’re in for a real treat this year as one of our favourite family books has been animated! We’re going on a Bear Hunt will be shown on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve at 7.30pm, and then  ...

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Motherhood // #BathBookBed with BookTrust + Jo Frost

“Sleep deprivation is the most common complaint I hear from parents of young children… But the solution doesn’t need to be complicated regimes or expensive gizmos. A routine as simple as bath, book, bed can get young children to settle so that everyone can benefit from a good night’s sleep.” – Jo Frost. Parenting expert Jo Frost (aka Super Nanny) is under no illusion that she created the ‘Bath Book Bed’ routine, but with over 20 years of  ...

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Pre-schooler Reviews, Review

What we’re reading // A Visit to London for Thomas the Tank Engine

Busby is a huge fan of anything train related, and we love the original Thomas the Tank Engine stories at Make, Do & Push! HQ, so when we heard that Thomas the Tank Engine was back for a very special story to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday, we couldn’t wait to have a read! A Visit to London for Thomas the Tank Engine was published on 7th April 2016, and tells of Thomas’ very special journey from the island of Sodor to London. He’s taking the Fat Controller for an  ...

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H-Bear Updates, Indy

H-Bear // 9 months

H-Bear is now crawling like a pro…! He’s picked up how to crawl on the different surfaces remarkably fast, and loves his new found freedom. I think his favourite thing about being able to crawl is that he can now follow me around when I put him down. Which means I often end up with him standing up, clinging onto my legs, when I’m trying to make meals or get on with jobs around the house!!

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