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Vote for Make, Do and Push!… Pretty Please!

Hello lovely Readers! This is just a quick, cheeky post to draw your attention to a Blogger Competition I’m in the running for! The prize? Well, you know our fabulous new Armadillo Flip XT from Mamas & Papas? If Make, Do and Push! wins I will be hosting a competition for you to win your very own awesome Armadillo! (Does anyone else think of the Dime/Daim advert when reading the word Armadillo? Just me… Ok…) This is the photo we’ve entered for the competition  ...

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Letters to Father Christmas

Writing a letter to Santa with present requests and hopeful reasons of why a place on the ‘nice’ list is deserved is a lovely tradition to add to your family’s festive calendar. The innocence and wonder of Christmas is sadly a rather short-lived joy that as a parent we try hard to keep alive. A personalised letter with realistic touches, like an address and stamped envelope provided by mum or dad, is a great way to bring the idea of Father Christmas to life – not to mention offering  ...

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Making the perfect blanket fort

A few weeks ago the lovely folk at The Furniture Market asked us whether we’d in interested in taking part in their blanket fort competition. We were sent a blanket fort making hamper containing a blanket (obviously), some fairy lights and lots of chocolate! Here is our entry: Busby especially loved the fairy lights in the fort. We put cushions all around the edges, which made for a lovely reading den!  Hannah Follow  ...

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