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Lovely Things // Unisex New Baby Gift Guide

My best friend is about to bring her first baby into the world at any given moment. Eek! They haven’t found out the gender, so it’s even more exciting! I’m on tenterhooks with every text and cannot wait to have baby snuggles. It feels very strange to have her join the proverbial “club”. I’ve been a mother for almost five years now and, as one of the first in our peer group to have a baby, I had gotten used to being the only one to bring the children to  ...

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Motherhood // Sun tips from Green People

We swear by the Green People Children’s Sun Lotion as it’s ideal for sensitive skin. It’s absolutely perfect for H-Bear, as other suncreams bring him out in a rash on his face. Green People’s founder, Charlotte, has just released some top tips for keeping your children safe in the sun, so I thought I’d share them with you in the hope that the rest of half term might be a little bit warmer than it has been today! Top Sun Safety Tips

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Baby + Toddler Reviews, Review

Review // Sun Lotion from Green People

Both myself and the children have sensitive skin, so when the lovely folk at Green People got in touch and offered us some suncream to review for our holiday to Italy I was eager to give it a go. The children were sent a bottle of the high factor scent free SPF30 sun lotion (£17.50 for 150ml). It’s easy and non-greasy to apply, and wonderfully moisturising. It offers 97% UVB protection (the rays that cause burning). It was absolutely fantastic for our holiday; we used it every day and  ...

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Pregnancy, Review

Review // Organic Skin Care for Pregnancy from Green People

As I’ve mentioned on the blog a few times, my skin has really suffered during this pregnancy. Even at 31 weeks, my skin hasn’t settled down, which has been rather frustrating for someone who doesn’t really wear make-up. The lovely folk at Green People heard about my blemish issues, and kindly sent through some gorgeous items from their Organic Blemish Control range (which is now available to buy from Waitrose) for me to try.

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