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Reflux + CMPA // Why it’s absolutely normal to grieve

H-Bear turns two in just over two weeks time, and I have to admit that I’m only just starting to mentally process the first year of his life. I feel like I lost the Baby Days with him. That I was cheated out of them. That Silent Reflux stole them from me. I put up walls and blocked out memories to try and cope. To try and grasp some light in the wilderness. To try and convince myself that it wasn’t all bad. But, when all your baby does is scream 24/7. When you’re suffering  ...

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Motherhood // The Dummy Quandary

When I found out I was pregnant with Busby back in 2012, I had a very long list of things I thought I would never do as a parent. A large number of items on said list went out of the window as soon as she entered the world, but there was one thing I was absolutely resolute about not giving into – and that was giving her a dummy. As it transpired, she never needed one anyway, and she was never a thumbsucker either; Flopsy Bunny is where she gets her comfort. But then H-Bear arrived.

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Parenting // My baby is healing

The past nineteen weeks of our lives have probably been some of the most difficult we have ever endured. There have been days where I’ve considered walking out and leaving because I couldn’t handle anymore screaming and crying from my newborn. There have been even darker days where I’ve felt as though I’ve been having a full-on breakdown; shuffling around the house like a zombie on only 2 hours sleep, tear stains streaking my face, wishing I could just escape by any  ...

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