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Lovely Things // Unisex New Baby Gift Guide

My best friend is about to bring her first baby into the world at any given moment. Eek! They haven’t found out the gender, so it’s even more exciting! I’m on tenterhooks with every text and cannot wait to have baby snuggles. It feels very strange to have her join the proverbial “club”. I’ve been a mother for almost five years now and, as one of the first in our peer group to have a baby, I had gotten used to being the only one to bring the children to  ...

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Lovely Things // For The Little Ones by Plewsy

I simply cannot resist stationery. From notebooks, to cards, to divine wrapping paper, I just can’t help myself. So when the very lovely Fiona from Yorkshire-based Plewsy got in touch about her new range For The Little Ones, I couldn’t help but squeal with unbridled stationery-lover joy! Fiona, who is expecting her first child this year, started Plewsy back in 2014. She creates from her studio in North Yorkshire, and is now stocked worldwide.

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Make // Arts & Crafts Wish List from The Works

Painting is Busby’s favourite activity at home, at Preschool, at Grandparent’s houses… Well, it’s her favourite activity wherever she is. She brings home pictures daily, and whenever we’re having a quiet day, the first thing she asks to do is painting and/or drawing. The Works are our go-to for arts and crafts supplies, so I’ve compiled a wish list below of items Busby is eager to try. With less than 90 sleeps to go, Father Christmas might have already  ...

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Work // The Secrets of a Stationery Drawer

What do you do when you arrive at (or in my case saunter over to) your desk in the morning? Do you make yourself a coffee, switch on your computer and spend ten minutes procrastinating online? Well, you’re not alone, that’s for sure! But, at some point in the day, you probably unearth a pad full of meeting notes, or dip into your pen pot to find a biro to twirl around your fingers. The stationery we use at work is incredibly useful, but most of us have no idea about the stories that lay  ...

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Review // Baby B Pregnancy Journal

I will always regret not writing a proper pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with Busby. I documented the end of the pregnancy on this blog, and I wrote a few posts about cravings etc, but I really wish I’d written it all down for her, so she could read it in the years to come. So, as you can imagine, I was incredibly happy when my Baby B Pregnancy Journal arrived, and I could start documenting everything about my pregnancy with Peppercorn. The Baby B Pregnancy Journal is ideal for  ...

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